Private Jet Company: Heavy Jets

Heavy jets provide superior comfort for work or entertaining. From Global Express to Falcon, Embraer to Gulfstream, fills your aviation needs.

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Global Express

The Global Express was announced on October 28, 1991 at the NBAA convention. It features an advanced all new supercritical wing with a 35° sweep and winglets, plus a new T-tail. The aircraft is powered by two BMW RollsRoyce BR-710 … Continue reading

Embraer Legacy 600

The Embraer Legacy 600 is one of the newest additions to the private aviation market. With advanced avionics and total luxury in mind, it can satisfy the most discerning private traveler, offering seating for thirteen, partitioned cabins and full dining … Continue reading

Falcon 900

The French built Falcon 900 was first delivered in late 1986. The 900 has a low/swept wing and three very noticeable rear fuselage mounted engines. Each side of the fuselage has 12 cabin windows. The tail has the recognizable number … Continue reading

Gulfstream 500

The Gulfstream G550 is recognized as the safest, most reliable, most comfortable, high-performance, ultra-long range business aircraft in the world. Gulfstream G550 completes worldwide missions that exceed the capabilities of all other corporate aircraft. With an astonishing non-stop range of … Continue reading

Gulfstream V

The Gulfstream V is the largest and latest in Grumman Aerospace’s line of business jets. Considered to be one of the best in the long range business jet categories, the G-V is an update to the G-IV. First delivered in … Continue reading

Gulfstream IV

The Gulfstream IV or more affectionately called the G-IV is known to most as the top-notch heavy jet of choice.  Manufactured by General Dynamics, the G-IV is appointed with an elegant interior, deluxe seating and a flight attendant to cater … Continue reading

Gulfstream III

The Gulfstream III is an updated model of the Gulfstream II and even shares the same production number. It was developed in the late 70′s and was first delivered in the early 1980′s. Its increased the wing span and surface … Continue reading

Gulfstream II

This new jet powered updated version of the original Gulfstream was first delivered in late 1967. The Gulfstream II is recognizable by its low/swept wing and its swept T-tail with swept horizontal stabilizer. It has two rear fuselage mounted engines … Continue reading

Challenger 604

The Challenger 300 and 600 series offer true comfort for non-stop trans-continental travel. With premium luxury and style, they boast some of the widest cabins in private jets—giving the aircraft a “living room” feel with plush club chairs, full galleys, … Continue reading