Embraer Legacy 600

The Embraer Legacy 600 is one of the newest additions to the private aviation market. With advanced avionics and total luxury in mind, it can satisfy the most discerning private traveler, offering seating for thirteen, partitioned cabins and full dining and entertainment areas. Each aircraft is provided with a flight attendant to cater to your every need.

Beyond it’s impressive stature the Embraer Legacy additionally boasts the largest baggage capacity of all heavy jets!

The fleet of Legacy 600s in our program, as well as the crew members that operate them are ARG/US pass rated for safety. Additionally they each carry a minimum of $50 million in insurance.

Passenger Capacity:13 people
Cruising Speed:518 mph
Range:3500 statute miles
Length:43 ft.
Width:6.9 ft.
Height:6.1 ft.
Baggage Capacity:240 cubic ft.


Embraer Legacy 600

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