Safety Safety Criteria

  • Argus ratings
  • Comprehensive Operator information
  • History check of the charter aircraft offered
  • Information on the operator’s insurance coverage
  • Crew hours in the specific class of aircraft chartered
  • Pilots and co-pilots total hours
  • Commitment to top-notch customer service
  • Nice, well maintained cabins

TripCHEQ Every Time

When you charter an airplane through you will be positive that the flight meets your standards?

A TripCHEQ examines the following:

  • Operational control of the flight. This assures that your flight has not been brokered to another operator without your knowledge
  • The Charter company’s safety record
  • The pilots’ experience in this airplane type
  • The pilots’ certification and type ratings?
  • The pilots’ record of accidents, incidents, and enforcement actions

The Results

Results are returned in seconds and include such details as the operator’s registered name, DBA names, ARG/US assigned rating and contact. Also included is each pilot’s name, certificate type, last known PIC & total time as well as type ratings and time in the aircraft type.

Green—Operator is ARG/US Gold, Gold+, or Platinum rated, pilots are typed and certified and properly experienced, aircraft has no major accident or maintenance history.
Yellow—Something is missing or un-verified, ARG/US analysts will contact the operator on your behalf and either obtain the necessary information or let you know what is missing.
Red—There is a known deficiency or operator is unwilling to disclose information

About ARG/US

Founded in 1996 by Joseph J. Moeggenberg, ARG/US has come to be relied upon by companies that manufacture, finance, operate, use, maintain and market business aircraft. ARG/US provides real-time, accurate information and advice together with unique, proprietary information products. Our primary products focus on safety reports on Part 135 charter companies, financial aircraft operating cost reports, and market research for the commercial and business aviation industry. Since our inception our recognition and influence has grown to the point where we are now the de-facto standard for charter operator safety reports, aircraft operating cost reports and market research for aircraft manufacturers. ARG/US was a pioneer in providing Safety Management Systems to the business aviation sector, and remains a leader in promoting this emerging standard for operations. ARG/US’ reputation has been earned through a combination of technologically superior information products, and top quality data and research reports. ARG/US headquarters are located in Cincinnati, OH, with additional offices in Doylestown, PA.