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The Joy Of Private Flying

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You race from your home to the airport parking lot. You board a dirty shuttle where you are jostled about and only keep your balance by clinging to a communal pole. You wait in line to get your ticket. You continue to wait in line through security. You raise your hands in the bomb detector while strangers behind a screen analyze your body in detail (awkward!). You race to your terminal only to see that the flight is delayed. You continue to wait. They ask you to form a line based on ticket class. You wait more. Once you’ve made in onto the plane, you find that your seat is in the middle of a new mother and a giant. It’s going to be a long flight.

When you book a private jet charter with, the nightmare just described is a thing of the past. The luxuries are countless but we’ll name our favorite few.


Cabin Luxury

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and upon boarding your private jet, you’ll get the picture. The stark contrast to the unsanitary conditions of commercial airliners is what nightmares are made of. Never be stuffed in the cattle car again. The cabin of a private aircraft charter is pristine, serene and aesthetically beautiful.


Airport Experience

Most of the airport experience is rushing to wait. When you charter a jet, you can relax. After all, the flight schedule waits on you! Leave intrusive airport security in the dust and keep your shoes, belt and jacket on.


Carry-On Perks

Would you want to be crated away in the cavernous bowels of a jetliner? Neither does Fido.  When you fly by private jet, you can treat your pets like the family members they really are. Don’t forget the Champagne! You can bring bottles to and from your destination.


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