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The Private Jetsetters Guide: Barcelona

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Today’s the day. By this evening, you will be traipsing around one of the most vibrant, lively cities in the world: Barcelona. But it all starts by leaving your front porch! You’ve packed everything you could need for the sundrenched days and mild, balmy nights. Once you’ve pulled out of the driveway, you already feel like you’re on vacation. You know there’s no reason to rush or worry. The plane won’t leave without you because you’re the reason it’s departing, and parking is free, safe and accessible. If you hadn’t booked your own private jet rental, you’d be wasting away with a hundred other frustrated travelers in a TSA security check, dreading the impending future of being sandwiched between two strangers for several long hours.


The Way Air-Travel Should Be

Booking with makes arranging flights to far-off locales a breeze, with a professional concierge who will arrange a unique, relaxing travel experience for a price that gives you peace of mind. Once you’ve reached the easily accessible parking lot, you are chauffeured onto the tarmac, where your luggage is loaded for you. With your carry-on in hand, you take those last, light steps onto your private jet. You can’t wait to sit down, breathe deeply, and begin to prepare yourself for the experience ahead.


Travel In Style

The cabin is spacious, the seats, jumbo size and wrapped in supple leather, a flat screen TV and onboard wifi leaving no moment empty or nonproductive, unless closing your eyes is the only thing you want to do. An attendant awaits you with a warm smile as you have a seat and put your feet up. How could you ever go back to commercial flights? You’ve taken off now. You spread your carry-on items on the table in front of you. What first? Perhaps you will thumb your way through your guide to Spanish Cava, where you will spend tomorrow afternoon meandering from one family owned winery to the next. To set the mood, you turn on “Vicki, Cristina Barcelona” in the background for inspiration.  You pull out a book of Picasso’s greatest works. Barcelona has the Museu Picasso, the world’s authority on the artist’s work. You pour over a map, plotting your way to all of the beautiful and ancient cathedrals that Barcelona has to offer. At some point you doze off. You are awoken by the gentle voice of the attendant. She has informed you that you have arrived. You feel refreshed and starving for spicy Spanish tapas and a glass of rustic, enchanting Rioja. As you disembark, you realize how exceptional your travel really was. The professionals at made your travel a vacation in and of itself. As excited as you are to be in the rich, striking city of Barcelona, you find yourself almost as excited to again embark on the journey home, in the luxury of your private charter.
To begin your own private odyssey to Barcelona, or thousands of other exotic locales around the globe accessible through, give us a call or visit online.

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