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The Road Less Travelled, Until Now!

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Its on everyone’s bucket list: to travel the world. But how you get there is as important as the destination. Charter your own private jet and take the road (or rather, skies) less traveled to the most exotic and secluded destinations the world has to offer! We’ve decided to put together a list of the three most amazing places that a private jet from can take you.


3. Sochi, Russia

This land of powdery tundra and balmy Mediterranean-like beaches defies categorization. Home of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi is an up and coming destination with everything to offer. With a booming downtown burgeoning, there are no shortage of activities to occupy your evenings, such as world class dining, and one of a kind cultural experiences. We recommend visiting in Spring, when you can hit the slopes in the morning and make your way down to the ocean shores for a beach picnic in the afternoon.


2. Zaragoza, Spain

With a name as exotic and unique as Zaragoza, the experiences you will indulge in will not disappoint. Nestled into the banks of the grand Rio Ebro, Zaragoza is a cultural hot pot of delicious Spanish tapas, (they’re free accompaniment with your glass of Rioja or Rias Baixas), breathtaking architecture, and hauntingly beautiful art by the world-renowned artist Goya.


1. Placencia, Belize

In Placencia, life is “paradise found”. Known for its ethereal underwater craters, Placencia is a tropical destination like no other. Away from the bustle of Belize City, Placencia is a quiet and tranquil town lying on the edge of the Placencia Peninsula, home to fisherman and a destination for divers. Every inch of this 16-mile strip is but moments from the sea, which sparkles with a clarity and purity that is second to none. With an abundance of fresh fish, local color and peace, a trip to Placencia is just what you need.


What are you waiting for? makes memories that last a lifetime, possible, and getting there, just the beginning!

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