Company represents quality, safety, reliability and professionalism in the private jet charter business. JETS.COM is extremely selective in aligning ourselves with only the best aircraft flying the skies today and in turn bring that luxury and quality to you.

Safety is of course non-negotiable in our organization and is our number one priority and we will never compromise our perfect record. The operators that we use, as well as the crew members that operate them are ARG/US rated providers to assure you the safest and best experience. on every flight will name you as an additionally insured on the operators policy to cover all insurance coverage. This is done at no additional charge.

At we also have created and maintained the most flexible 25 hour jet card programs in the industry. Please feel free to call us for more details about our block time. Whether you are interested in 25 hours at a time on virtually any size jet or are interested in on-demand charter or even a one-time charter; the choice is up to you. Fly as little as you like or as much as you like with no restrictions whatsoever.

We welcome you on your next trip to have the opportunity to fly with the operators that has aligned with so you can truly enjoy a seamless, flawless and most luxurious private jet experience of your life.

At “The sky is yours.”