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Fixed-wing turboprops are a favorite among many. Often a cost effective solution for private flights, these air charters provide value and comfortable travel.

Benefits of Chartering a Turboprop

Are you looking for a comfortable, affordable private travel experience without sacrificing luxury, convenience, or capability? Consider chartering a turboprop plane with

Unlike jets which are propelled by jet engines, turboprops — or turbo propeller aircraft—use gas power to drive an aircraft propeller. Designed to fly at lower altitudes than jets, turboprops have a slower maximum cruising speed than jet engines and offer significant fuel efficiency over private jets.

Because turboprops are smaller than private jets, they can take off from shorter runways and offer access to a greater range of airports with smaller runways, typically limited to commercial airlines, adding a layer of convenience for passengers. This offers you the flexibility to land at an airport closer to your final destination as well as access some of the world’s most difficult to reach airports.

Turboprops prioritize your comfort, offering luggage space and headroom, along with the convenience of onboard lavatory facilities. These aircraft typically accommodate up to eight passengers, providing a flight range of four to five hours.

Turboprop offerings strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and luxury. Get in touch with us to explore the world of luxury and safety in private turboprop aviation.

Featured Turboprops for Charter

Whether you are looking for an efficient turboprop that meets your long-distance travel needs or one that has optimal passenger space, offers a premium selection of turboprops to suit your taste when you are ready for your next trip. Below are some of the models we have available for charter.

Pilatus Turboprop

Boasting unmatched passenger comfort for eight and spacious cabin dimensions, the Pilatus Turboprop is an ideal choice for discerning fliers. This luxury aircraft zips through the skies at 322 mph, quickly covering impressive distances. Its unique design facilitates access to smaller airports, ensuring an edge in convenience. Plan your journey in the airspace's unrivaled performer, the Pilatus Turboprop. Visit our private jet charter page for a complimentary quote.

King Air Turboprop

Experience the unique blend of power, luxury, and flexibility with the King Air Turboprop. The aircraft accommodates up to eight passengers and is designed for convenience, is optimal for shorter trips, and has unrivaled access to smaller airports. Consider the King Air as your ride in the skies for a journey layered with comfort and efficiency. Reach out to us for a no-obligation quote to charter a King Air Turboprop.

Turboprop Jet Safety Standards

At, we prioritize your safety without compromising luxury. We diligently adhere to the stringent FAR 135 standards, setting us apart from the FAA's FAR 91 regulations.

Beyond mere compliance, we will always strive to integrate the highest safety standards and professionalism into your private aviation experience. Contact us today to book your turboprop aircraft.

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