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Super Mid-Size Jets will accommodate up to nine passengers and provide more amenities than the Mid Jet, such as standing headroom, full service galleys, lavatories, access to baggage, leather seating, and retractable work stations. The Super Mid-Size Jet provides the economy, speed, and range of a Mid-Size Jet, yet with more luxury options found in the Heavy Jet classification.

Benefits of Chartering a Super Midsize Jet

Chartering a super midsize jet from affords you luxury and comfort. We offer the very best that the aviation sector has to offer.

The super midsize jets we provide are designed for optimal performance, making them the preferred choice for groups or individuals seeking an exceptional travel experience. They offer increased range capabilities, ensuring you reach your destination with time on your side.

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

  • Luxury Like No Other: Every detail of the super midsize jets speaks of luxury — it’s embedded in each seat, decor detail, and onboard amenity. Chartering a jet is about more than just getting from point A to B. It’s about reveling in a luxury travel experience like no other.
  • Unrivaled Comfort: Forget the cramp and discomfort of commercial airlines. The fleet of jets offer spacious cabins designed for maximum comfort, allowing you to move freely or rest and rejuvenate in tranquil privacy.
  • Superior Range: Super midsize jets have the enhanced ability to fly longer routes quickly. This means fewer layovers, allowing you to get to your destination directly and save precious time.
  • Perfect for Groups: Traveling with colleagues or family? The generous cabin size of the super midsize jets is ideal for accommodating larger groups while ensuring everyone’s comfort.

Remember, when you choose, you’re choosing the best. We’re here to make your flights anything but mundane and even become an occasion to look forward to! Experience the difference today and discover the benefits of chartering a super midsize jet.

Cessna Citation X

Meet the Cessna Citation X, the pacesetter in the super-midsize category. Known for its blistering speed (up to 600 mph), it’s among the fastest civilian jets you can charter today. Boasting a coast-to-coast range, it readily serves your regional and transcontinental travel needs. Exceptional layout and size provide ample space and comfort, while its popularity among seasoned travelers speaks volumes.

For any further information or to charter a Cessna Citation X, contact us.

Bombardier Challenger 350

Say hello to the Bombardier Challenger 350, a delightful blend of style and performance in the world of super-midsize business jets. With an impressive speed of up to 540 mph and a range of 3,680 miles, getting from A to B has never been more enjoyable. This sleek jet, comfortably accommodating nine passengers, offers an optional divan bed for those who appreciate luxury rest in the sky. Add some excitement to your flying experience — get in touch and book the Challenger 350 today.

Cessna Citation Sovereign

Step aboard the remarkable Cessna Citation Sovereign, a top contender in the super-midsize jet league. This extraordinary aircraft boasts an impressive coast-to-coast range, making your long journeys and flights from high-altitude airports a breeze. Stretch out your legs and settle in comfortably, as the spacious cabin easily accommodates up to nine passengers. Got lots of luggage? The 82 cubic-foot storage capacity takes care of that too. Get in touch today to experience the Cessna Citation Sovereign difference.

Super Mid-size Jet Features & Amenities

Experience true luxury with super midsize jets, where we’ve thought of everything you need for a comfortable, superior travel experience:

  • Spacious Cabins: Step into the roomy cabins designed with an emphasis on style and comfort that will make you forget you’re 40,000 feet up.
  • Personal Suites: For moments when privacy is paramount, secluded suites provide a haven to relax or stay productive.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Stay connected with loved ones or attend to work matters, even while soaring high above the earth. We offer dependable Wi-Fi that will keep you in touch while in-flight.
  • Delicious Dining: The culinary team pours their hearts into crafting a memorable dining experience for you. Enjoy delicious meals prepared with love, ensuring every bite is a fond memory.

Choosing us means settling for nothing less than an exceptional travel experience tailored to your journey. We offer a selection of super midsize jets, where every journey isn’t just about reaching the destination — but also about relishing every moment along the way. Super Midsize Jet Safety Standards

When it comes to safety, we don’t take shortcuts. Super midsize jets follow the standard industry expectations and go one step beyond to ensure your safety on every flight. We recognize the responsibility you place on us and reward your trust with an assurance of safety that leaves no room for compromise.

While many private jet services operate under FAA’s FAR 91 regulations, we go the extra mile. We insist that all aircraft and their operators exceed the FAR 135 regulations imposed on commercial airlines, assuring greater safety and security in every aspect of your journey.

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