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A private jet is only a luxury if it's safe. That's why we created Assure, our proprietary safety program. Our Assure standards allow us to offer you the best in both pilots and aircraft, so safety is never a concern.

ARGUS - ARGUS is the worldwide leader in specialized aviation services, providing innovative safety, software, data, and risk management solutions.

The ARGUS charter broker ratings program provides an unbiased and independent way for professional charter brokers to prove their compliance with industry best practices and requirements.

ARGUS charter operator ratings are the industry's most respected, recognized, and requested symbol of the highest quality commercial operators around the world.

Wyvern - Wyvern guides the aviation industry with their unsurpassed safety intelligence database, experienced auditors, and air safety education.

The Wingman Standard is the only safety standard offered by Wyvern. Only an operator who has successfully passed a Wingman audit and is in good standing with Wyvern is Wingman Certified and may call themselves a Wingman Certified Operator. These operators provide their customers with Wingman Standard Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports.

With, you're free to enjoy the luxury and convenience of flying private, knowing that we have your safety under control.