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When Does It Make Sense to Take a Private Jet?

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Many travelers fantasize about owning or at least experiencing how it is like to fly in a private jet. The high prices associated with private jets may seem like buying is a complete splurge. However, there are several times when booking a private plane is worth all your money. Some circumstances can make chartering a jet a smarter choice than taking a commercial flight: Affordability It may sound crazy to associate private jets with the...

5 Must Visit Family Friendly Southern California Getaways

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Southern California is full of great getaway locations for the entire family. However, the amount of possibilities also makes it difficult to choose which one to vacation to next time you have a free weekend! For this list, we’ve compiled 5 of the best places to have a family weekend getaway in Southern California and 2 must-dos for each location. You’ll be sure to find family fun for everyone involved with one of the below...

Top 10 Apps to Simplify Your Travel Experience

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Trips can be fun, but planning them can take some thought. How do you keep everything organized? How do you contact people when you are at your destination? Where should you eat and what should you see? The best travel apps help you answer these questions and make your trips less stressful and more enjoyable. Check out the 10 top travel apps and see how they can help you. 1. Waze This app works on both smartphones and tablets. It features...

How Safe Are Private Jets?

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We now live in an age where it’s virtually impossible to travel without getting on a plane. With over 5,000 aircraft in the air at any given point in time, it’s undeniable that the aviation industry continues to grow. Rising numbers, however, means busy airports, overbooked flights, and hours sat crammed into a middle seat on a noisy flight. It’s during these moments that most of us think about what it would be like to upgrade to a private...

The Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2018

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Since several of the Caribbean Islands were severely damaged from hurricanes in 2017, some are still re-building and not quite ready for a multitude of visitors. However, Cuba, Aruba, Barbados, and the Grand Caymans were all spared. Considering their locations, gorgeous resorts, beaches, boating, fine dining, and exciting nightlife, these are the best islands to visit. Cuba Did you know it’s the largest island in the Caribbean? Havana...

Business Travel Tips for Experienced Travelers

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Those who travel frequently for business purposes begin to understand the minute frustrations of navigating airports, security, and airline ticket vendors. If you’re a frequent business traveler looking for tips to help ease your traveling troubles with checked luggage, maintaining your health and energy levels on long travels, or saving money on airline tickets, you’ve come to the perfect place. Below, you will find six tips...

Top 2018 Travel Destinations

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The Most Popular Travel Destinations in 2018 One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to travel more. Why not treat yourself to a once in a lifetime vacation? No matter how busy you get, it’s important to stop and take a second to enjoy the fruits of you labor. We have compiled a list of the most sought after locations to travel to this year. Additionally, we’ve comprised the best times to visit based on ideal weather...

Top 5 Hotels in Singapore for a Holiday Getaway

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There are many reasons to book an executive jet charter to Singapore. Whether it is business or leisure, you will want to rest your head in the best place possible. The city itself is among the safest in the world and home to top luxury resorts. Here are five luxury resorts for a getaway. W Singapore, Sentosa Cove Book an executive jet charter flight in a luxurious super jet and then arrive at a one-of-a-kind hotel resort experience at the W...

Private Jet Travel to the Best Coastlines in South America

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South America fronts the Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It should not be a surprise that the continent is home to world-class beaches and coastlines. The southern-most beaches are best in the Austral summer, however the North Beaches bring great weather year-round. Each country has splendid beaches for everyone. There are island getaways, party-loving surf towns, fishing villages and glittering sands across the continent. Sorting...

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