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Top 5 Hotels in Singapore for a Holiday Getaway

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There are many reasons to book an executive jet charter to Singapore. Whether it is business or leisure, you will want to rest your head in the best place possible. The city itself is among the safest in the world and home to top luxury resorts. Here are five luxury resorts for a getaway. W Singapore, Sentosa Cove Book an executive jet charter flight in a luxurious super jet and then arrive at a one-of-a-kind hotel resort experience at the W...

Private Jet Travel to the Best Coastlines in South America

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South America fronts the Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It should not be a surprise that the continent is home to world-class beaches and coastlines. The southern-most beaches are best in the Austral summer, however the North Beaches bring great weather year-round. Each country has splendid beaches for everyone. There are island getaways, party-loving surf towns, fishing villages and glittering sands across the continent. Sorting...

Europe’s Top Shopping Cities via Private Jet Charter

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The World’s best shopping destinations are closer than you think thanks to a private jet. Visit the best shopping places in Europe over one entire trip or on a series of small trips. Shop for a lifestyle without the hassle of crowded airports and airplanes hindering your fashion catch. You have the freedom to decide your route to the best shopping places in Europe with a jet card membership. Here are the best shopping destinations to visit...

Top 5 Culinary Destinations in Thailand to Jet Charter

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  Thai food exceptionally blends sweet, tangy and peppery spices. Thai food is known for its unique blend of rich spices, herbs, texture, and taste. The fresh ingredients and stunning presentation make Thai food pieces of culinary art. It is no wonder that Thailand has become a must-visit destination for foodies. With so much great exotic food in one place, Thailand’s culinary scene may seem overwhelming. There are cooking classes to...

5 Casino Resorts to visit by Luxury Jet Charter

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Why not see if luck is on your side by visiting a luxury destination that offers gambling thrills? Luxury casinos and resorts are homage to the exchange of grand sums of currency at high stakes. World renowned casino resorts offer than affluent gambling, but are revered for their opulent interiors, breathtaking surroundings, accommodations, and world-class dining. Getting there might seem like a hassle, however a luxury jet charter relieve...

Safari Excursions via Private Jet | Jets.com

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Success in life did not occur by means of playing it safe. Continue living on the boldly satisfy your wild side and book a trip to an African safari. Once on the safari you will come across some of the world’s most fascinating wild game animals. Additionally, you will cross paths with rich, cultured people and historic culture. Depending on your perspective, one might be blown away with nature on the continent of Africa. Private jet travel...

Private Jet Charter to World Renown Wine Tastings

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Luxury and a private charter jet go together like cheese and fine wine. That said, the world’s finest wine is never too far away when you’re a jet card member. The 24/7 and 365 access of jet card membership from Jets.com grants you access to a private jet when you crave the world’s finest Chardonnay, Merlot or Cabernet. Read on reasons why you visit wine country with your next private charter flight. Napa Valley, California Napa is home to...

Private Jet Travel to Winter Resorts this Holiday

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The Holiday season calls for time with loved ones. Why not celebrate the Holidays with friends and family on the slopes? Commercial airports get crowded around the Holidays. However, that should not keep you from your snow Holiday. An affordable private jet charter allows you to skip commercial airport madness. Private jet travel also offer plenty of cargo room for you and all your ski gear. A private LA jet charter allows you to escape the...

Jet Charter One of Kobe’s Last Games

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You don’t have to live in Los Angeles, nor do you need Laker fandom to appreciate the greatness of Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant announced this season would be his last in the NBA, and the secondary ticket market immediately sky-rocketed. With less than 50 games left, arenas will fill as fans pay their last respects to the man who won 5 NBA titles and dropped 81 in a single game. However, a private jet charter makes witnessing one of...

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