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Private Jet Charter to World Renown Wine Tastings

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Private Jet Charter to World Renown Wine Tastings

Luxury and a private charter jet go together like cheese and fine wine. That said, the world’s finest wine is never too far away when you’re a jet card member. The 24/7 and 365 access of jet card membership from grants you access to a private jet when you crave the world’s finest Chardonnay, Merlot or Cabernet. Read on reasons why you visit wine country with your next private charter flight.

Napa Valley, California

Napa is home to more than 400 wineries including Beaulieu Vineyard, Black Stallion, Domaine Chandon, and more. Napa is close to UC Davis a top university for viticulture and enology programs. Here you can find world renowned Chardonnay. In Napa Valley, French and other international producers create brands here. The wines are typically more oaky and bolder than their French counterparts, due to the increased sunlight and soil contents.

Enjoy the acres of wineries via a small piston aircraft. Marvel at the intimacy of million dollar properties below you. Enjoy the sunny California climate and breathtaking scenery. Compliment the perfect weather with a signature white or light red wine. A Pinot Noir tastes great before enjoying some of the luxury hotels such as Meadowood Napa Valley, The Meritage Resort, and Bardessono Hotel to name a few.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is home to some of the most prestigious and oldest of French wineries. Certain chateau wine productions date back to the 1800s. Generally, wines here take longer to age and develop into mature flavors. The amount of time and effort spent on some of the wines explains the price tags. However, just like Napa Valley there are wines for all budgets.

The grapes found in Bordeaux, France consist of Merlot, Cabernet or Can Sauv. There are different areas in Bordeaux, which each produce different rich wines. St. Emillion offers a chance to taste wines as you walk from shop to shop. Meanwhile, Sauternes produces sweet white wines.

If you plan on traveling to Bordeaux for exquisite wine and rich history, why waste any time? A turbine jet can help get to your favorite château faster. Additionally, you can bring back a surplus amount of your favorite bottles of wine with the added cargo room.

Tuscany, Italy

The alluring beauty of Tuscany might seduce you into staying longer than intended. Here the famous wine is Chianti, made from the rich Sangiovese grape. This unique grape varietal consists of black cherries, smoked herbs, and tomato flavors. The Merlot is juicy, plummy, velvety and violet. Chardonnay is ripe apples and melted butter. Depending on the age, the Chardonnay can taste like a buttermilk biscuit.

The Tuscany wine regions have ruins, farmhouses, tunnels, villas or country churches. Many of them stay unmarked, however, provide this romantic paradise with added character. Castles sit on hills, with wineries attached to them. The Italian locals are friendly to wine tasting, as long as you see a subtle sign that reads, “Cantina.” Many of these small estates have devoted their life to wine and take pride in it as a means of living.

Nonetheless, the Tuscany imagery is beautiful from above. Fly over in a piston or turbine jet, whichever is more convenient for your private charter jet getaway.

There are many wine countries across the world, and a private jet makes them more accessible. A romantic evening of tasting and luxury is even easier with a jet card.

For more information on booking a private jet charter flight for a wine country trip getaway, visit our private jet charter page or call +1 833-538-7266 today.

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