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Air Cargo Charter Flights & Air Freight Services

In today’s fast-paced world, we know that sometimes things can’t wait. That’s why at, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most creative, cost-effective, and personalized air cargo services in the industry—safe, secure, and fast. is a leading provider of air cargo charter services worldwide. Our extensive experience, global reach, and time-saving updates are what sets us apart from many of our competitors. We offer a full range of cargo aircraft types, from small aircraft for urgent packages to large freighters for outsize cargo. We also offer an onboard private courier service (OBC or hand carries), express air cargo options or next flight out (NFO) that supports our air cargo service.

For more than 15 years,’s client-first approach to private aviation has been the foundation on which we’ve built one of the industry’s most respected brands. From private jet services to commercial air cargo charter, we’re focused on delivering a one-on-one client experience that builds upon great pricing, matched with exceeding all expectations. Your trip is tailored from start to finish.

Types of Air Cargo Services Offered

Urgent Cargo Aircraft Charters for Time-Sensitive Shipments

Urgent Cargo Aircraft Charters for Time-Sensitive Shipments

Available 24/7, our cargo team operates swiftly to find the best cargo aircraft for your needs. We’ll provide the best available options for your specific trip within minutes. The fastest way to request a quote is to call our cargo main line at +1 646-896-3059 or email Please include in your request the freight ready time, dimensions and weight of your cargo, as well as the pickup and final delivery zip codes so we can present the most appropriate and cost-effective options.
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Onboard Courier Cargo Services (OBC) for Small Shipments

We source local couriers to pick up your shipment who will then fly on a commercial aircraft with your shipment in hand, assuring security and total control during the transport. We provide timely updates throughout the process allowing you to know where your freight is at all times. This door-to-door white glove service is available for small expedited packages that are 75 pounds (32 kilograms) or less.
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On board Courier Services

Express Air Cargo Solutions — Next Flight Out (NFO)

Looking for a cost-effective option and have slightly more time to deliver? With our express cargo service—also known as “next flight out” (NFO)— your time-critical freight will be transported on the next available scheduled flight. This is a shared space air freight shipment that we quote on a per kilogram basis and is offered for overnight, same-day, or next-day flights.

Door-to-Door Cargo Transport from Pick-Up to Drop-Off

Do you need door-to-door cargo transportation solutions? Through our trusted network of providers, we can provide trucking services for the front and back-end of your charter, making your cargo journey complete.

Why Choose for Your Air Cargo Charter Needs?

From urgent medical supplies to last-minute production parts, we have the expertise and resources to get your cargo moving, no matter the size or complexity of the job. More and more businesses are turning to for their air cargo charter needs. Working with our dedicated team of specialists eliminates the stress of having to be at the helm of managing every detail of your air cargo flights.

So, why pick for your air cargo charter needs? It's simple, really!

We live for all your cargo needs. Medical supplies, critical automotive parts, you name it — we've handled it all. We have the know-how and the resources to tackle any charter challenge, regardless of size or intricacy.

Here's what you get when you choose us:

  • Extensive, hands-on experience
  • Access to a global fleet of 55,000+ aircraft that caters to cargo of every size
  • End-to-end logistics handling through our trusted network of providers
  • Access to a dedicated air cargo expert throughout your journey, backed by a team who will go the extra mile for you
  • 24/7 support, 365 days a year
  • An expert in-house operations team

In simplest terms? You just sit back and let us handle it all. Your pick-up times, your delivery locations, your cargo—you name it, we execute it.

Go stress-free, go efficient, and go where you need to be with—the popular choice for air cargo charter solutions.

Our Air Freight Specialties

From seamlessly arranging equine and animal air transport to sourcing innovative air charter options for the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and defense industries,’s air cargo experts will create an all-inclusive package tailored to your specific cost and logistical requirements. Some of our specialty air cargo services include:

Automotive Industry Air Cargo Charter

When it comes to shipping important automotive parts quickly to avoid production delays, you don't just need any cargo service. You need a trusted expert. That's where enters the scene. We work closely with car manufacturers and freight forwarders to move raw materials and automotive components using specialty freight aircraft across the globe. Our experienced cargo specialists help automotive manufacturers to meet critical deadlines and resume factory production, fast. Learn More

Heavy & Oversized Air Cargo Services

We apply our detailed knowledge of cargo aircraft volumes and loading abilities to transport heavy and outsize cargo for various industries — from engineering and construction to oil and gas, and beyond. We work exclusively with reliable carriers and have access to 50,000+ aircraft in key global hubs, giving you a diverse range of options to meet your budget, timeline, and logistical needs. With access to numerous aircraft throughout the world, will ensure your cargo is being placed on the most suitable aircraft for that specific situation.

Dangerous Goods Air Cargo Solutions

Our teams stay fully up-to-date on the latest routing restrictions and regulations, meaning we’re experts at sourcing the correct aircraft licensed to carry sensitive freight and Dangerous Goods (Class 1-9). Learn More

Humanitarian Aid Air Cargo Charter Services

From transportation of relief personnel to heavy equipment, tents, and food, we can assist you with providing humanitarian relief by air to countries, states, and disaster areas in need. Our cargo experts can support large scale aid efforts and can procure and manage humanitarian air charter flights for governments, NGOs, and aid organizations as well as private businesses. Learn More

Remote Destinations Air Cargo Jet Charter Services

We build bridges where others can't! At, we specialize in seamlessly transporting your goods and supplies to the most remote and challenging locations, ensuring swift and reliable delivery. With a fleet of versatile aircraft and expert logistics, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether it's delivering crucial medical supplies, machinery, or essential commodities. Learn More

Ensuring Safety and Security for Your Important Air Cargo Transportation

At, your cargo isn't just another shipment; we treat it as if it was our own. We are vigilant in ensuring the safety and security of your valuable cargo throughout its journey. Here's our four-fold approach:

Adherence to Rules and Regulations:

We comply with international aviation rules not out of obligation but out of a commitment to excellence. We set high standards for ourselves to ensure your cargo's safe transition from point A to B.

A Crew of Industry Veterans:

Imagine having a dedicated team for your cargo equivalent to an elite force in the aviation field. Our experts are well-versed, seasoned, and consistently trained to handle your cargo with the care it deserves.

Air Cargo Packaging Excellence:

The proper protection makes a difference. We can help arrange secure, custom packaging solutions, ensuring every cargo piece—large or small—is well-protected during transit.

Real-time Updates & Tracking Your Air Cargo:

While we can't offer a crystal ball, our advanced tracking systems come close. Enjoy the luxury of real-time updates and always know where your cargo is, giving you the upper hand in planning and peace of mind.

At our company, the integrity of your cargo is fundamental to our services. Trust our unwavering focus on safety and security to deliver your air cargo seamlessly and securely.

International Air Cargo Charter Services Offered Worldwide

At, navigating the intricate world of international air cargo services has been transformed into a streamlined process. Our expertly devised services cater comprehensively to B2B cargo shippers and strategic decision-makers.

Our services distinguish us:

  • World-Class Compliance: We excel in adhering to international aviation regulations, ensuring safety and legality are at the forefront of our operations.
  • Expert Cargo Management: Our proficient team treats every cargo shipment with utmost precision and care. Whether heavy machinery or delicate goods, your cargo is in expert hands.
  • Safety first, always: Safety is paramount at We undertake a comprehensive review and validation of all necessary aircraft documentation, guaranteeing strict compliance and unwavering accuracy. Every journey meets all legal and regulatory obligations, providing you with complete peace of mind.
  • Advanced Tracking: Our sophisticated tracking systems provide you timely updates, regardless of the global location of your cargo, to foster complete transparency.

At, we simplify the complexities of international cargo transportation, enabling you to concentrate on driving your business forward.

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