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On Board Courier Services and Hand-Carry Delivery Solutions

Some couriers say better late than never—at, we say never late is best. When the next flight out leaves you out of time for urgent deliveries, our extended fleet of cargo aircraft and extensive on board courier (OBC) service for time-critical shipments are at your disposal. From personalized hand-carry deliveries to real-time tracking, is your partner to swiftly and securely transport time-sensitive packages across the globe.

Advantages of On Board Courier (OBC) Services

When time isn’t on your side, an on board courier service will be. OBC services guarantee accelerated transportation for time-sensitive packages and urgent deliveries. By selecting an onboard courier service, your shipments move through air freight facilities in the hands of a professional courier who can maintain a constant, in-transit chain of custody to ensure your time-critical packages reach their destination rapidly and reliably.

Likewise, with hand-carry delivery powered by an on board courier service, your shipments clear customs almost immediately after touching down at the destination airport, expediting time-sensitive packages and eliminating time-consuming documentation concerns. With real-time tracking updates as your freight travels the globe, you can monitor your cargo from the moment it departs until its door-to-door white glove delivery.

How Hand-Carry Air Courier Services Work

The cargo team is available around the clock to expedite time-critical deliveries through our expansive global network. First, we receive a request to identify which of the 50,000+ cargo fleet is the best aircraft for your needs, paying close attention to your freight-ready time and final delivery zip or post code. Next, we source local couriers from our network of end-to-end logistics providers to select a professional courier for your time-sensitive package.

Unlike traditional cargo, which travels under the aircraft’s main deck, hand-delivery shipments travel in the passenger cabin with a professional courier, who boards the next scheduled flight with your package in hand. Your courier will then deploy advanced tracking systems to provide the luxury of real-time updates at each key milestone—regardless of the global location of your cargo—to enable complete transparency and peace of mind.

Because conventional cargo’s standard 24- to 72-hour wait time is avoided with an on board courier service, your shipment will be delivered without delay. A hand courier will directly board and deplane the aircraft with your package in tow, ensuring a secure in-transit chain of custody. Once your on board courier arrives at the destination airport, a dedicated vehicle or door-to-door glove service will be available for last-mile delivery.

  • Instant Cargo Quote: Obtain a personalized quote within minutes once you reach out to us.
  • Secured Handling: Your cargo undergoes stringent security measures, safeguarding it throughout transit.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Our advanced tracking system provides live updates on your cargo’s whereabouts.
  • Global Reach: With an extensive network, your cargo quickly traverses borders and continents to arrive at its destination.

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Time-Critical Industries We Serve

When delivering time-critical packages, the speed with which shipments arrive is entirely dependent on the courier service. For more than 15 years, has taken a client-first approach to private aviation that enables time-sensitive cargo to arrive in (and even before) the time window it’s expected. When every second matters, these time-critical industries rely on and our robust on board courier services.

With decades of experience sourcing innovative air charter options for organizations in the oil and gas and defense industries, understands the cargo complexities and logistical requirements for the aerospace vertical, including time-sensitive electronics and similar deliveries.

We work alongside vehicle manufacturers and freight forwarders to transport raw materials and auto components across the globe. Our experienced cargo specialists are available around the clock to help automotive manufacturers meet critical deadlines and quickly resume factory production.

Commercial Cargo
Whether it’s perishable food items that have to land on store shelves or product samples that must reach the boardroom before Thursday’s conference, is equipped to handle a variety of commercial cargo with our on board courier services and hand-carry delivery solutions.

Life Sciences is proud to support pharmaceutical, medical, and organ transport that enables time-critical life sciences commodities to reach their destinations with no hurdles or hassle. When the difference of a few hours can save a life, easily guarantees urgent deliveries.

Various telecommunications devices require accelerated delivery, either to preserve the integrity of the software or to power an upcoming media event. From transmission equipment like optical fiber and communication satellites to customer premises equipment (CPE), has you covered.

Why Choose for On Board Courier Services

So, what is the best courier service for packages? is on board courier and hand-carry services, of course! Life-changing medical supplies, supply chain-reliant automotive parts, even oil and gas—you name it, has handled it all and fast. Even better, we provide around-the-clock access to a dedicated air cargo expert and practiced in-house operations team who can connect you to our global network of trusted logistics providers at any time.

When you choose for your on board courier service, you invest in a partner who will go the extra mile for you, providing advanced tracking and real-time updates each step of the way. We are dedicated to crafting the industry’s most cost-effective, customized air cargo services, with a Safety-First Mission that ensures our aircraft, pilots, and professional couriers not only meet but exceed industry standards.

FAQ for Hand-Carry and On Board Air Courier Delivery Services

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