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Top Destinations for a Halloween Getaway

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Fall is in the air, and the thrills of Halloween are soon to follow. The popular Halloween Horror events are a time for fun, laughter, and, of course, scares.  It’s a time-honored tradition that reminds us all what it’s like to be a kid again. Only now, as an adult, the possibilities are endless for a ghostly getaway. This year, freely satisfy the urge to overindulge in Halloween festivities.  

The sudden feeling of uncontrollable excitement of attending spooky events and haunted is gone, abandon them and pursue true delight. Halloween is synonymous with American craze, over-the-top costume, extravagant parties, and parades across the nation. Other parts of the world are starting to catch on, while others have been scaring people for generations. Now to get there, travel in supreme comfort, sophisticated style, and superb customer service by booking a flight to the haunting destinations.

Now, the question is, “Where to”?  For this All Hallows Eve, here is a list Halloween destinations for this spooky getaway.

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Indulge the traditional spirit of Halloween, why not take a trip to a locale that inspired horror and scares for all? Experience the magic that is Bran Castle better known as Dracula’s Castle in the mountains of Transylvania, Romania. Dracula’s castle is in a fact a fortress built in 1377 and has since been named Bran Castle after the author of the novel Dracula, and is one of the most unique, spooky experiences you’re likely to find. Formerly, the home of Prince Vlad III also refereed to as Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration of the iconic “Dracula”. Witness the mythical legend and intrigue yourself.


The infamous Salem witch trials began 1962 after a doctor by the name of William Griggs classified a diagnosis as bewitchment.  Hence, his led to massive hysteria across Massachusetts and the hanging of 19 people. With its eerie history, Salem is an ideal location that offers several Halloween festivities throughout October that include tours, trial reenactments, and nightlife.


Paris, France is home to a timeless journey in history that dates to the 1700’s. The Paris Catacombs are home to the remains of 6 million bodies that stretch across hundreds of miles of caves and tunnels. Open to the public in 1874, the ghostly destinations hauls millions across the globe. Amongst them, paranormal activity enthusiasts pursue a first-hand haunting experience. Several travelers have claimed to have witnessed the dead spirits.

New Orleans

Regarded as America’s most haunted city, New Orleans is the center of paranormal activity. As one of America’s oldest cities, and a mecca of voodoo and vampire culture. Frequently, people claim to witness paranormal activity in the French Quarter and Garden District. New Orleans can satisfy the urge to tremor in fear that include visiting the The Hermann-Grima House, Hotel Monteleone, and the Lalaurie House to name a few. The abundance of ghost stories are endless and will have the hair at the back of your neck stand up.

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