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Behold the Citation X

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What is more precious, time or money? Chartering a private jet can benefit both. Rather, embarking on vacation with the family or extending the boundaries of a business meeting, chartering a private jet can increase productivity.

The Citation X is a specific luxury private jet, which can transport you to your destination faster and efficiently. Hence, the Citation X is one of the most popular executive private charter jets in the world.


With a top speed over of Mach .92 or 600 miles per hour, the Citation X ensures a faster arrival time than the competition. Wish to vacation with the family somewhere extraordinary? This jet can cover the distance from Singapore to Tokyo in only six hours. Moreover, this luxury private jet can easily cover missions from one side of the coast to the other. Attend an executive meeting in Houston and be home for dinner. Not a problem for this state of the art private jet, as it is one of the fastest civil airplanes and charter jets.

From Los Angeles Charter to a New York Charter, the Citation X will comfortably reach the desired destination while the competition anxiously waits in the air. Time is precious, and the speed of this jet guarantees none of it will be wasted. Chartering the Citation X jet offers increased quality time with business or family.


Every fragment of the plane is engineered for maximum aerodynamics at high speeds and high fuel-efficiency. Added, all of the edges have been particularly defined to reduce aerodynamic friction while performing at high speeds. The one-piece wing under the fuselage increase fuselage volume and efficiency. Again, this state of the art engineering reduces the time in the air and adds time to doing what matters, preparing and closing million dollar deals.

There is a reason the Citation X has traveled over than 20 million hours and made an excess of 10 million safe landings, world-wide. Top runway performance and fuel efficiency make the Citation X a global leader in cost effective private charter jets. The dual Rolls Royce AE 3007C1 engines are uniquely tailored to the Citation X. That engine gives the Citation X the utmost thrust-to-weight ratio with the lowest specific fuel consumption of all charter jet in its class. This private charter jet will consume as much fuel as a mid-sized private jet, nonetheless have increased luxury and cargo space for an entourage. Less time wasted having to refuel, and added luxury compared to an average private jet.


All guests aboard will relish the luxurious cabin of this private charter jet. With a capacity of 8-12 passengers, all can come along in the private charter jet. Added room around the stylish seats allow for a conversation feel. The seats elegantly rotate around, therefore business meetings can comfortably proceed and the kids can be attended to. Furthermore, the seats recline in case the need to relax with a beverage in hand comes to mind.

The Citation X has a pressurized cargo space the size of a minivan. Therefore, business colleagues can carry on as many suitcases they need, or plenty of room for a wife’s dozen shoes. The 7.29 meters by 1.73 meters cabin comes in various packages. Amenities include a private dressing room, a vanity with washbasin, and wide countertop.

In need of technology? The cock-pick features less knobs and levers, however, includes added vibrate 14’ LCD monitors. The charter jet also has touch screen monitors that control the LED cabin lights and sounds. The Citation X also works wonderfully with apple products. You can seamlessly share content via the built-in USB ports. These features create an ideal atmosphere for sharing family movies or exploring business proposals. The built in Wi-Fi allows for both business and entertainment settings. This luxury charter jet is futuristically designed. Rent this symbol of excellence by contacting for a free jet quote, or can acquire a jet membership.

Charter Your Own Private Citation X

The Citation X is the ideal private jet for travelers who need performance, luxury and speed. Not only will the jet reach the destination faster, business colleagues or family will arrive in luxury, style, and comfort.

Contact to acquire a jet quote for a private jet rental. Or frequent fliers can get a jet membership to additionally save on chartering a private jet. The Citation X is just one of the great planes within the catalog.

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