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Charter a Private Jet to the 2015 WTA Finals in Singapore

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The 2015 WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) Finals, is one of the premier tennis tournament following the four Grand tournaments played by the elite players on the WTA. The finals are held annually at the end of the season where the world’s elite women tennis players battle it out on the tennis court for ranking and a chance at $7,000,000. The finale will consist of eight single players divided and four double teams. Tennis fans everywhere are excited to see Serena Williams defend her title. This year the illustrious tournament will be held in beautiful Singapore at the end of October. If you’re planning to attend one of the prestigious tennis championship events this year, you need to book a flight.  Singapore Night View

Singapore on a commercial airline is twenty one hour to a little over twenty four hour flight from the West Coast of the United States. Fortunately, a private jet charter flight is a fifteen hour flight. However, the fifteen hour flight to the WTA Finals in Singapore will consume the entirety of your day and night.

For a trip this lavish book a private chartered jet, one that will make sure the flight to beautiful Singapore is ultra-stylish, the atmosphere is superbly decorated with sophisticated amenities, and above all hassle free. At a slightly elevated cost above first class, booking a private jet charter enables an individual to not pause work for the entire flight as one would in an airline. In a private jet charter travelers can go on about business obligations by having access to all necessary electronics, ports, and Wi-Fi found in an executive office. Furthermore, if business or meetings are not a priority private travel passengers can indulge can fancy gourmet meals as if in a four star hotel. The menu will consist of delicacies such as braised lamb or poached red snapper along with vintage champagne. All while being indulged in an atmosphere comparable to four star suite with gourmet meals and ultramodern entertainment systems.

When traveling the world, do so in affluent style. offers arrangements for both large and small parties upon request. Whether an intimate getaway, a family vacation, or a trip to the 2015 WTA Finals in Singapore, private travel can accommodate either option without costing you anything in the way of space and relaxation. Since attending the finals tournament in Singapore on time is a priority, its best—logistically—to go with heavy private jet as the standard flight time to Singapore is 15 hours.

The Global is our finest heavy model jet capable of making the voyage a quick and leisurely one. It is our largest and fastest jet available for international trips, and with its spacious cabin space and technological accoutrements it’s easily a luxurious way to travel to Singapore in time for the first serve. Additionally, the Global aircraft performs well on short runways making it convenient to land or take off from smaller private airports and possesses the capability to fly nonstop. Hence, passengers avoid untimely delays, layovers, and frustrations. Furthermore, the aircraft 182 cubic foot cabin space can easily seat thirteen passengers for added guests, or need to entertain clients. With its range, speed, and comfort, the Global is the aircraft of choice for those wish to add extravagance to their private chartered jet experience.

Needless to say a passenger’s options aren’t limited to one craft. The Global is simply one of our extravagant and state-of-the-art vessels. However, the Global isn’t the only craft in our fleet capable of taking you on your trans-Pacific voyage, relaxed and ready to in world-class tennis matches played by the top female athletes in the world. By simply gazing at the Falcon 900EX and Legacy jet models, and you’ll find two mechanical feats just as ultra-luxurious, equally advanced, and as fast as the Global. With spanning payload capabilities built for transcontinental travel, the Falcon 900EX and Legacy are just two added affluent jewels in our fleet of luxury aircraft

The Legacy and Falcon 900EX are premiere heavy jets with the capability to seat thirteen travelers comfortably. Focusing on performance, both the Legacy and Falcon 900EX can reach high speeds to arrive well in advance of the start of the tennis matches. Created to enhance the passenger’s experience, the Legacy and Falcon 900EX cabins are spacious and cozy. Additional draws include high-tech amenities and ports to connect electronics to maintain travelers occupied during the flight.

Spearheading International flights are arduous ordeals, which can complicate your trip. For ease in travel book a private charter flight, delight in a in complete relaxation and conduct business while traveling – all in the same flight. Concentrating on a unique approach, 25 hour jet card invites affluent travelers to indulge in extravagant travel without the commitment of ownership. Especially, if you’re planning to visit a destination such as Singapore to attend the WTA Tournament Championship, a spectacle that’s not without a large amount of fanfare and optional nightlife following the championship. is a global leader in offering an array of high quality private jet services. Charters are available all throughout the United States to transport affluent travelers anywhere in the world. is an affordable private jet charter and is committed to offering the best quality of service to businesses, enterprises, and frequent flyers, all over the world. For additional information on our jet card membership, call for free private jet quote.

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