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Private Jet Travel FAQ

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Private Jet Travel Concerns Answered

The road is just as important as the destination. has noticed an upward trend in first-time private jet charter travelers. Often, we often get frequently asked questions on how private jet travel is different from commercial travel. The following will bring some light to the world of luxury jet travel. Please consider the following if making the transition from commercial travel, a soon to be aircraft owner, or executive new to boarding the corporate jet.

Why charter a private jet?

Private chartered jets are the most effective, most luxurious mode of transportation the world has to offer—that is, until someone figures out that whole flying cars thing.  Regardless of what field you’re in, your journey does not need to sacrifice leisure to carry you to your destination. You’ve got enough on your plate without having to work around the complex, and often, contradictory schedule of a major airline.  No need to worry about the seating arrangement on your flight when you have a presentation to prepare for, or contracts to review? At we understand and empathize with the pressures of air travel. Let us take care of it, so you can focus on what’s important—the business at hand.

Immediate Private Jet Travel Benefits?

Right off the back the benefits set themselves apart from what you would expect from flying commercial. Unlike airports where you have to be dropped off or station your vehicle at the airport lot you can drive up the airport, talk about convenient. You along with any additional colleagues are often greeted by the captain and flight crew upon arrival. Boarding is as simple as walking up a short flight of stairs as the crew swiftly boards your luggage. Private jet travel allows you to bark the orders and dictate the schedule whereas on airlines you’re on the captain’s clock. No matter if you run a bit or extensively late, a luxury private jet rental will still be there. This is travel as it should be. No out-of-the-blue rescheduling or rerouting to sustain our traffic or appease the needs of the rest of our fleet. When you charter with you are our sole concern, and our priority.

What are Necessary Luggage and Seating Preparations?

As previously stated luggage is a breeze compared to commercial airlines. There are no TSA checkpoint or long lines, however there are some important things to consider. Private jet charter aircrafts do not have a storage space in the seat in front of you nor any overhead luggage bins. Yes, rushing to your seat to make sure your carryon is safely stored is now an afterthought, however more emphasis should be put on what essential items you bring on board. There are far less restriction on acceptable carry-on items, which include liquids and cosmetics. The seating arrangement is a bit depending on the group setting. Seniority can be a factor in a corporate or business travel flight. It is imperative that the CEO get their seat of choice or that a prospect client is comfortable while negotiating a seven figure contract. Best practice is to arrange seating beforehand.

What’s the difference between chartering a jet and flying first class?

In a first-class flight a few amenities are provided, but you’d still be beholden unto the airlines schedule, as well as disruptive passengers and delays.  Private jet travel offers a luxury experience with no corners are cut when it come to the passenger’s comfort. The presentation of the aircraft is that of a four-star hotel, the adjustable soft seats are made of the finest leather, and a bountiful amount of pillows made of the finest feathers.  The difference in food and beverage is no exception, on board staff is highly trained in culinary cuisines and wine pairing. Commercial airline may provide a house wine, but private travel the finest cognac, aged whisky and bourbon are standard amenities.

Common Issues of Luxury Jet Travel

Above all else having the proper documentation is imperative. Having improper documentation can result in delays, non-entry into a country, and fines. This can be prevented by making sure a non-expired (or to expire during trip) passport is on hand and visa if necessary. It is recommended to have an understanding the visiting country entry requirements. This is especially true if boarding pets. Different counties have different requirements than others including fine regulations. Best practice is to check with your vet and acquire the appropriate documentation for pet(s). is proud to be a global leader in providing the highest quality private jet services– we have charters all throughout the United States to take you anywhere in the world. is an affordable private jet charter and is committed to offering the best quality of service to businesses, enterprises, and frequent flyers, all over the world. For more information on private jet travel, contact us.


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