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Avoid Thanksgiving Traffic with Private Jet Travel | Jets.com

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How to avoid pesky holiday traffic

The boosted economic growth since 2007 has prompted this year to see the highest amount of travelers in six years. Driving will be the most popular mode of transport causing higher stress and standstills on road. Airports are always hectic, especially during the holidays, when people are all traveling on the same day. Save yourself time and worry by skipping security and crowds and start your party right when you leave your home. By traveling to your Thanksgiving holiday on a private jet, this is all possible.

The high influx of holiday traffic has begun, as people begin to indulge in their holiday and venture across the country to see their loved ones. Every year, millions of Americans travel several hundred miles to spend time with their families and friends, yet hardly a few are able to smoothly reach their destination without being harassed by the dense traffic. Citizens all across the U.S will resort to road travel as a primary option, this opens room for one to switch over to the much faster, comfortable, and timely mode of travel: air.

What should anyone looking to travel take into account?

Of course, time is a top priority in choosing which mode of transportation to take while traveling. We all want to get to our destination in the shortest amount of time, while also creating the least amount of stress during the trip. The level of comfort during the expedition should have equal weight-age as a deciding factor as well. The biggest worry all around would be the travel cost, but that should never force you to compromise on the level of comfort and valuable time of you and your family. Private jet travel has always seemed far-fetched to many people, but is relatively affordable now and hassle free. Private jet travel has made it simple to get from place to place, all while being comfortable.

Why are other means of transport being discouraged?

As mentioned earlier, the American public will descend to the roads. The conundrum faced by people in road traveling is nothing new, with no fixed time of arrival or a sense of consistency in level of comfort throughout the journey. One stuck in traffic does tend to wonder if the alternatives methods are better. While gas continues to drop during this time, car rental prices have increased by 10%. Driving might save you a few bucks, but will not save you your piece of mind or precious time.

What makes private jet travel as the front-runner?

Now what makes private jet travel as the outright winner here? Firstly, you cannot reach your destination any faster than by air. By far the comfort level of any private jet trip is impossible to compete with, especially with bumpy and crowded roads. Air fair has only increased by 1% and is the best option for traveling in comfort and style. Highly trained and friendly pilots will take you through the sky in one piece. A professional and kind flight attendant will provide you with all the amenities during your flight.

The King Air Jet

The King Air Jet is the perfect plane to take this year. The twin-engine turboprop business aircraft configured to fit up to 8 passengers comfortable and has ample storage for luggage.  Utilizing tuned dynamic vibration absorbers mounted at strategic points throughout, the frame has significantly reduced the cabin noise levels. It is designed to get in and out of smaller airports easily and economical. .

King Air is perfect for shorter trips and can travel for range up to 4 hours, which is much more efficient than driving in a car the same distance. Travel in extreme comfort and avoid traffic in the King Air jet from jets.com.

During the holidays, we all just want to relax and spend quality time with our loved ones. Minimize your stress while traveling and fly with a private jet. Avoid the crowded roads and airports to get the most our of your vacation time. So the question is, why haven’t you booked your private jet yet for this Thanksgiving?

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