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5 Must Visit Family Friendly Southern California Getaways

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Southern California is full of great getaway locations for the entire family. However, the amount of possibilities also makes it difficult to choose which one to vacation to next time you have a free weekend! For this list, we’ve compiled 5 of the best places to have a family weekend getaway in Southern California and 2 must-dos for each location.

You’ll be sure to find family fun for everyone involved with one of the below choices:

Avalon Bay, Catalina Island, Southern California destinations

1. Catalina Island

This luxurious island off the coast of LA has so much for you to enjoy and after a brief, 26 mile trip, you will be exploring all it has to offer immediately!

How do you get there?

To get to Catalina Island you must first fly to LA, after which you can take a ferry (or your own boat) over to the island, which usually takes a little less than an hour

Things to do:

Jeep Eco Tour

Catalina has had buffalo inhabiting it for almost 100 years and one of the best ways you can get a close look at its bison population is through the Jeep Eco Tour. Let your guide take you off-roading and get a close look at the wildlife of the island.

Catalina Island Helicopter Tours

Want to get a gracious view of the entire island? Take a helicopter tour and be taken up, up, and away to great views and an unforgettable experience. It’s also an incredibly private experience to share with friends and family.

santa barbara, California destination

2. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a gorgeous place to see the coast of California and experience many great attractions that come with it.

How do you get there?

If you’ll be chartering a private jet, the best place to land is Santa Barbara Municipal Airport.

Things to do:

Santa Barbara Zoo

With an incredibly diverse selection of animals and wildlife, the Santa Barbara Zoo stands out as a must-do when visiting the coast. They also have great facilities for the animals, showing a hygienic and healthy side of animal care that makes this zoo a uniquely pleasant experience.

The East Beach

It’s hard to come to the coast and not feel drawn to the beach! In the case of the East Beach, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained, including four miles of gorgeous sand with volleyball courts, a playground, and places to have picnics. Rent a bike, lay on the sand, or take a swim in the water, there are so many things to do! You could even go metal detecting on the beach! Popular beaches provide many opportunities to find unclaimed earrings, gold jewelry, coins, and many other items that could wash up on shore or get lost in the sand. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of treasure hunting, here is a beginners guide on how to use your first metal detector.

big bear, ca, skiing southern california

3. Big Bear

Come visit one of the most popular lakes in the state which also happens to boast a video variety of facilities and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

How do you get there?

The best airport to land at is the Big Bear City Airport.

Things to do:

Horseback Riding

Depending on when you’re there you may find a list of different things to do, but something that’s largely available year-round is the ability to go Horseback Riding. Rent a horse and take a journey, guided, with the family, or solo, and become familiar with the beautiful landscape.

Big Bear Valley Historical Museum

The diversity in the history of the Big Bear area is huge and a lot of it is preserved at this incredibly engaging museum. Help the kids find pieces of pyrite, watch live blacksmith demonstrations, and take a look at one of the museum’s 1 million artifacts.

San DIego, CA

4. San Diego

One of the best cities to visit in California, San Diego is a bustling metropolis with endless things to do!

How do you get there?

The best place to charter a jet to is the San Diego International Airport, after which you can get pretty much anywhere with ease.

Things to do:

Electric Bike Tour of La Jolla and Mount Soledad

Take a unique trip on an electric bike to the highest point in San Diego! This 2.5-hour tour lets you see the local wildlife and scenery in its beautiful intimacy, ending with a gorgeous view of the coast.

Tequila, Tacos, and Culinary Tour

This culinary tour takes you on a trip to the most popular Mexican-inspired restaurants and also combines a bit of history with the deliciousness through a guide telling you facts and maybe even a ghost story (or two)!

Palm Springs, CA

5. Palm Springs

Definitely one of the best weekend getaways in the world, Palm Springs is a desert resort city filled with celebs and beautiful weather.

How do you get there?

The easiest way to get to Palm Springs with a private jet is by chartering it to Palm Springs International Airport.

Things to do:

Palm Springs Celebrity 2.5-Hour Grand Tour

This grand tour will take you through the area and teach you about the history of the area while peppering in information about celebs and specific locations. Stop in the middle of the trip for a locally-celebrated date milkshake and see celeb homes while also learning about the city in this informative tour set in a very nice coach!

Joshua Tree Backroads Hummer H2 Tour

A nice half-day tour, take a ride in a Hummer H2 to a hidden bridge and other interesting sights that aren’t typically seen on a Joshua Tree tour. See the entire park over the course of the tour and become familiar with the gorgeous surrounding landscape!

California is a huge state with an even larger selection of cultures and things to do. To compile it into just one list is difficult, but these are our picks for some of the most unique offerings you can choose from when vacationing in the state. We hope that when booking your next family weekend getaway you consider any of these 5 choices for our favorite Southern California locations.

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