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Top 5 Culinary Destinations in Thailand to Jet Charter

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Culinary Destinations in Thailand to Jet Charter

Thai food exceptionally blends sweet, tangy and peppery spices. Thai food is known for its unique blend of rich spices, herbs, texture, and taste. The fresh ingredients and stunning presentation make Thai food pieces of culinary art. It is no wonder that Thailand has become a must-visit destination for foodies.

With so much great exotic food in one place, Thailand’s culinary scene may seem overwhelming. There are cooking classes to learn traditional cooking and various restaurants to dine at. However, a should not worry about missing any stops along-the-way. Here are some of the best culinary destinations for your visit to Thailand. These places are great destinations to find culture, and please your stomach.

Chiang Mai

Found in northeast Thailand, Chiang Mai is a common destination for those seeking a cooking vacation. Northern Thailand carries a culinary tradition, including a noodle soup dish, khao soi that is rare to come across.

However, Chiang Mai catches foodies’ attention with many cooking classes. The online cooking course, A lot of Thai teaches the most common Thai dishes including sticky rice mango and pad thai.

Another good school includes the Thai Cookery School. The “stay & study” option gets you a room in the chef’s house, free transportation in the city and free bicycles for exploration. Best of all, this sleep-in vacation offers an organic herb garden, where you pick the herbs for your cooking lesson.

This is the perfect holiday for you and your sweetheart. You can touchdown on your private jet and then explore each other’s culinary skills at the various cooking schools.


Bangkok is home to the most famous Thai restaurant in the world, Nahm. Besides Thai food, Bangkok’s restaurants excel in Japanese, Korean and Indian cuisines. There are some of Asia’s best high-end gourmet restaurants and famous street foods which will create memories within your stomach.

Bangkok also offers a hands on culinary experience. If you provide your own accommodations, Baipai Thai Cooking School in Bangkok offers great daily classes. The school provides transportation to and from your hotel. Additionally, you can choose your cooking session time, either in the morning or afternoon. That gives you plenty of time to explore the rest of the city good eats.

Bangkok is worth booking a private charter jet. The combination of traditional food classes and gourmet restaurants will please your stomach and adventurous side.

Hua Hin

Home to some of the most authentic Thai seafood, Hua Hin is nearby Bangkok. There are a number of famous seafood restaurants that bring a high level of culinary talent and skill that translate into tasteful dishes.

The restaurants here are more modest on the inside and out. The locals choose restaurants based on taste, so do not become discouraged by the table clothes of these Thai gems.

Keep in mind that this is Thailand’s first beach side resort. Therefore, there are plenty of cultural places to visit. Sounds like a seafood-lover’s ideal destination via their private jet.


There is a reason why this is one of the most popular holiday islands in Thailand. It is known for world-class restaurants and resorts. After you partake in luxury shopping or kayaking trips, you can find a great range of restaurants for all tastes. However, Phuket specializes in international cuisine.

Phuket is also home to a large Phuket Vegetarian Festival in October. During the festival, Devotees of a Chinese Goddess get into trance and impale their skin with sharp swords and barbeque sticks.

Phuket’s resorts and restaurants are the perfect place for single or family travelers. You can bring your friends or family to this island, for a culinary holiday, on your next luxury private charter trip.

Ko Bulon Lee

This is a culinary exception considering most remote islands are not usually culinary destinations. However, Ko Bulon Lee features a small sea gypsy village where local men catch fish every day and the ladies cook it extremely well. French traveler tend to be the few visitors of this island. If the French love it, then it must be good!

Keep in mind, that there are no cars or ATMs on this island. Everything is in walking distance on this island, and the beaches are beautiful. It is one of Thailand’s lesser-known islands, however is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand.

Ko Bulon Lee is the perfect culinary destination for someone seeking adventure outside of the traditional places. Even though the island is remote, travel is always more convenient when you take advantage of a

Your Thailand Culinary Expedition

Rather you want to cook or eat, Thailand is a great destination for those seeking a culinary experience.

Thai food combines influences from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and royal culinary tradition. Therefore, Thai cuisine is a rich blend of many world influences. Getting immersed into this foodie heaven is easier when you travel by private jet.

Thailand is already an affordable culinary destination, however it is more convenient and affluent with a jet card membership program. The jet card allows you travel to Thailand in an affordable executive private jet on your next trip.



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