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Luxury Jet Rental, Affordable & Efficient

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What’s the last thing you want to do when you’re on vacation? If your answer is “work” then you and just about everyone in the world would agree. Whether you work in an executive office, a state courtroom, a major hospital, or an intensive care operating room, these are the last places you want to be reminded of when taking some much needed R&R. Unfortunately, with the complicated state of complicated commercial travel these days you can still expect to deal with dreadful long lines and delays, even if you’re flying within the country. These circumstances alone can cause enough of a headache, let alone other incidents you can’t plan for when you fly commercial, i.e. flight delays, unexpected detours, and pesky layovers. All of which will take time away from precious moments that could be spent lounging on an exotic crystal blue water beach or enjoying crisp fresh air while hiking a world renown trail in the beautiful country of Sweden.

This doesn’t have to be the case, the much-needed vacation you dreamed of for months during all those long hours you put in can be enjoyed without the dreaded cons of commercial travel. All can be attained without having to go bankrupt to get what you want.

When you book a private charter flight with, you are in control. The power to decide what time your flight leaves and the much-desired luxury to be able to avoid the over-intrusive baggage checks. Board a last minute jet charter and avoid the long lines at baggage claim, or worse, missing luggage altogether. Best of all, you get to sit and relax on a flight free of any unwanted distractions by inconsiderate and restless passengers. Essentially, you are the captain of your own luxury jet rental and crew for the duration of your private charter flight.

Now let’s examine the biggest reasons why you should charter a private jet for your next vacation.

Cost Management

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On its surface, the price of chartering a private jet is much more than your average plane ticket. However, where commercial airlines unfairly rope you in with their various deals and promotions, only to gouge you with additional unwanted fees and surcharges. When you book an affordable private jet charter flight with you not only get what you pay for, you’re never surprised or inconvenienced by fees you didn’t expect to pay. It’s your flight, your precious luggage will never be weighed and measured just to squeeze another dime out of you. You’ll also never be charged for extra amenities; food, beverages, Wi-Fi, headsets, in-flight movie, these all come with your chartered jet experience and are included in your total cost. Also included in the price you’ll be paying; a free trip to the airport for your departure as well as a ride back upon on your return. No more having to deal with overpriced cabs or your crammed local flyaway. We’ll get you there without a fuss, and since you’re the one who determines what time the take-off is there’s never a reason to worry about traffic or over-priced parking fees.

The worry of setting aside extra cash for unexpected new fees or charges that might rear its ugly head while flying is non-existent. Set your vacation budget and keep it where you want it to stay by avoiding all the little things that add up and sap whatever funds you put aside for your holiday. Make your money work for you. After all, you earned it.

Time Management

Your time is precious. It’s finite and should be well spent while flying. Most of the time you have is devoted to the things that keep you going such as work, family, relationships, and more work to prioritize your life. Therefore, when you get to that long overdue moment in life known as “vacation time”, the last thing you want to spend it on time-consuming settings. Settings that include driving in traffic, waiting in time-consuming TSA checkpoints, waiting for the commercial airline to board all passengers, or checking and picking up your luggage. With there’s no longer a need to waste time. Spend that time in a plane completely reserved for your party and enjoy world-class food or drinks. A light charter flight makes the time spent aboard a private rental feel like a vacation or if you’re a workaholic it’s the perfect setting to get work done distraction-free with a drink at hand.

You spend too much time working to build your life to let that time slip because of security checks, flight delays, or mismanaged airlines. Now the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of air travel while avoiding the stifling inconveniences of everyday business at an airport is within your grasp. is proud to be a global leader in providing the highest quality private jet services–charters are available all throughout the United States to take you anywhere in the world. is an affordable private jet charter and is committed to offering the best quality of service to businesses, enterprises, and frequent flyers, all over the world. For more information on jet card, call for a free private jet quote.

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