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When Does It Make Sense to Take a Private Jet?

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Many travelers fantasize about owning or at least experiencing how it is like to fly in a private jet. The high prices associated with private jets may seem like buying is a complete splurge. However, there are several times when booking a private plane is worth all your money.

Some circumstances can make chartering a jet a smarter choice than taking a commercial flight:


It may sound crazy to associate private jets with the word “affordable,” primarily because they already suggest luxurious living. However, there may be times when commercial flights can lead to loss of money. There is always a risk of flights getting delayed, which could mean a loss of clients for your business.

When companies travel in groups, it may make sense to factor in the loss of work time, which can affect the firm financially. Private jets are much faster. For instance, flying to Fresno from Palm Springs can cost you seven hours when taking a commercial flight – considering the plane transfers, wait time, and the whole commute). Driving can even be faster since it may take just six hours. However, if you choose to fly with a private jet, you can get to your destination within 45 minutes.

Private planes are not an option just for big players in the industry anymore. Even small companies can benefit from them as they become an affordable method for traveling. You can save more with private jets when you consider a day out of the office compared to two days in a hotel room.


More than 5,000 airports actively operate in the US, and they are available for the use of private planes. In contrast, commercial aircraft only have 500 airports. It is undoubtedly more convenient to land closer to your destination than having to take several more minutes to hours to get to your booked hotel room.


When you are at the airport, you have to deal with a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer. Restrictions on what you can bring, including liquids, can be quite stressful. When you charter a jet, you do not have to deal with issues, such as TSA, long lines, baggage check, and a boarding procedure that can waste a lot of your time. Then, there is also a problem with bad food.

Private flyers love this means of traveling because they do not have to be concerned with airport difficulties. In fact, the ban on liquids that happened in 2006 did not affect those who take a private plane. Additionally, you will not worry about traveling with items, such as product samples, sports gear, and the like. If you have a pet, you are welcome to take it with you in the cabin.

If you hate hassles that typically take place at the airport, you can choose to fly private to avoid security lines. You also do not have to think about getting to the airport very early or maintaining liquids under a specific allowance. Just show up, park your car near the plane, give your ID, and board. Even when you fly international, the process with the customs is much smoother than with commercial flights.


If you have ever flown commercially and you have to bring your work with you, it is hard to focus on what you are doing. Babies may cry, mothers may be lecturing their kid, or couples may be fighting behind you. The noise can easily distract you, and you end up not finishing what you need to do. Private jets will not give you this inconvenience.

On top of wasting less time and moving faster than commercial flights, you can get your work done while in the air because you are alone. Even in business or first class flights, it can be risky to carry out a classified transaction and conversation. You do not know who may be around and listening in.

Additionally, a survey in 2009 by the National Business Aviation Association showed that the respondents rated themselves to be 20% more productive while they are on the company aircraft compared to staying in the office. Meanwhile, they also estimated that they experience a 40% reduction in productivity when they fly commercial.

More Reasons Why Flying on a Private Jet is Better than Commercial Flights

Here are other reasons why more companies are choosing to fly on a private jet:

  • If your destination has no airline service or is limited for commercial flights, a private jet is much faster and more convenient than driving to the place.
  • If you often take commercial first class, the price of a private plane is comparable, and you can even save more, especially if you are flying with several people.
  • If your itinerary has multiple stops and you only have a short timeframe, it makes sense to fly on a private plane to save time and hassle.

With the benefits, you can get out of chartering a jet, flying private is more than just about comfort. It has real advantages that can even help you spend less while flying in luxury than with an airline. Get a quote today!

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