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Flying Private Jet Travel is the Safer, Smarter Choice

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Have you ever considered chartering a private jet to your next destination? If so, you probably had a few questions regarding the overall safety of the aircraft. Additionally, you may have been curious about the differences between commercial pilots and pilots that command private jets. Surprising to many, the standards of private aircraft can be much higher than those of commercial airlines.

Passangers Boarding Private Jet

Greater Training for Pilots

One of the first things that comes to mind regarding the difference between private aircraft and commercial airlines is the pilot. Are the pilots that fly commercial aircraft more experienced than the pilots that fly private jets?

Pilots of private jets, as with all pilots in the U.S., must complete a number of requirements before having permission to fly a plane. This includes having U.S. citizenship, having no police or criminal record, and obtaining a completed medical certificate from an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) medical examiner. In addition, most private chartered companies require that the pilot also have a four-year college degree. At a minimum, 40-60 hours of flight training through flight school is required in order to obtain a pilot’s license to fly private jets. Another 50 hours of “Pilot in Command” time must be completed, along with 40 hours of flight simulator training. All of these requirements allow pilots to fly a private plane by themselves, but in order to carry passengers aboard the private jet, the pilot is required to obtain a commercial pilot license through the FAA.

Additionally, pilots flying private aircraft are also required to have an Airport Transport License. A minimum of 1,500 hours of flight time is required to achieve this license through the FAA. The FAA restricts private pilots from flying more than 1,000 miles annually, so this level of certification is highly advanced and requires years of training to complete.

Greater Regulations

Private jet charters are under stricter regulations than commercial airplanes. When considering FAA regulations, the FAA regulates commercial and private planes similarly. In addition to the FAA, there are also FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations), and these also apply to both commercial airplanes and private jet charters. The difference is that commercial airlines only adhere to a set number of these FARs, while private jet charters adhere to the same rule as well all added regulations under section 135 of Title 14. This detailed and precise section of the FARs was specifically constructed for private charters that holding less than 30 passengers and with payloads of under 7,500 pounds. Its regulations are much stricter than those of section 125, which govern larger scale commercial planes.

In addition to the private aircraft themselves, the private charter company must also adhere to a number of safety inspections employed by the Federal Aviation Administration and independent firms like Wyvern. A number of factors go into these inspections, including, but not limited to, aircraft maintenance, pilot training, protocol, flying procedures, and pilot experience. Prior to takeoff, a rigorous inspection ensures that each private jet has no mechanical or safety issues. These regular, pre-flight inspections are necessary because surprise inspections can be performed any time.

A Safer Mode of Travel

Now that you’ve been made aware of the strict FAA and FAR regulations that private charter planes are required to fulfill, it would seem like the obvious choice when flying. Add in the fact that the flight contains fewer passengers, most of whom you will know, and flying private becomes the ultimate mode of travel. With fewer passengers, a lower risk of security compromise exists, so passengers feel comfortable knowing they’re on a safe flight every time.

When planning your next vacation, take into account all of your options. Just because the big name commercial airlines have bigger aircraft does not mean they offer higher quality flights to travelers. For a safer and more comfortable flight to your destination, chartering a private jet is the smart choice. is proud to be a global leader in providing the highest quality private jet services–charters are available all throughout the United States to transport you anywhere in the world. is a cost effective private jet charter and is committed to offering the best quality of service to businesses, enterprises, and frequent flyers, all over the world. For additional information on jet card, request a free private jet quote.

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