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Essential Travel Documents While Traveling Internationally

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Traveling is something that reduces stress and eases the tension that comes from a repetitive daily cycle. Your mind and body need a change and traveling to different destinations is just the right way to introduce yourself to that amazing change.

However, the things that precede the trip such as planning, packing, and preparing brings out the laziness inside of us.

The most important aspect when traveling is to carry all the essential documentation with your luggage, especially if it’s a trip out of your countries borders.

Make sure you check for these essential travel documents before proceeding forward to your epic journey.


This comes without saying that any international travel plan requires you to have a passport.

If you do not possess a passport, do apply for it in advance.

This will help with the easy processing of the application and your passport shall be ready by the time you leave the country for your trip.

If you have an existing passport…

  • Make sure the expiration isn’t soon or just as you land back from your trip. Get the passport renewed if that’s the case
  • Carry the passport copy with you
  • Keep one copy at home and another with your travel partner.
  • Also keep in mind that hard copies might get lost in all that hurry, so keep a soft copy with you as well. Having a copy with you will allow you to get the replacement of the passport faster if you happen to lose the original.


Visa is actually a stamp that allows conditional permission to an individual when wanting to enter a country for a specific time period.

There are several countries that grant you a visa upon arrival. So make sure you check whether you are traveling to one such country.

If you have no plans on visiting such a country, keep in mind the fact that you need to apply for that visa from your country.

Visa applications require time for processing, so it’s advised that you should start with the application process as early as possible. If you need to know more about the visa application process, make sure you pay a visit to the website Nerd’s Travel.

3-Travel Insurance:

The travel insurance covers all the medical emergencies that you might face when traveling to a far-off place.

This also includes health-related emergencies that end up being a huge cost.

Having travel insurance isn’t a mandatory requirement.

However, it is advised that you should have it. Travel insurance brings you that experience of traveling tension-free and enjoying the trip as you are supposed to without having to worry about the worst case scenario.

4-Air Tickets:

Booking the flight ticket or taking a private jet is something that a traveler must keep in mind before reaching the airport.

Flight ticket rates scour sky-high during the festive seasons and holiday seasons. Chances are, you might not even get a seat to your destination.

So, make sure you get going with the booking months before or at least weeks before the journey.

Always carry the copy of your ticket along with the original one. This will help you bag your seat safely just in case you lost the original one.

5-Proof of Accommodations:

When traveling to a new country, especially the places with the Visa-on-arrival system, the immigration counter asks for the proof of your accommodation in the country.

So be sure you have the proof of the hotel booking you confirmed online in the country. Take a printout of the same or show the digital booking.

If you have a friend or relative staying in the country you are visiting, things get much easier. All you need is an invitation from the house owner to confirm your stay.

Traveling can be a rejuvenating and wonderful adventure, so make sure you have fun while being a responsible adult and carrying all the necessary documents with you. Keep both digital as well as the hard copy of the documents with you all the time.

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