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Our 5 Most Popular Private Jets to Charter This Summer 2024

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Summer is the best time to take an adventure and travel, and luckily Summer 2019 is almost here.

Of course, this isn’t a surprise. After all, 45% of Americans will take a trip this summer, with popular cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Houston becoming hot spots for tourism.

Whether you’re going to LA or NY, you shouldn’t have to stand in the crazy long lines at the overly crowded commercial airports across the country.

To truly experience a relaxing summer, you want to avoid as much stress as possible, but the airport is the last place you would want to be. However, you need to fly out to your destination.

The best way to enjoy a stress-free summer trip is to charter a private jet to your desired destination. Not only will you avoid the lengthy lines, but you will also get to the airport just minutes before your flight departs.

This summer, take flying high to a whole new level by chartering one of these new and popular private jets.

5 Most Popular Private Jets to Charter in 2024

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Cessna Citation X

For those looking to get say from a New York charter to a Houston charter in a hurry, this is the jet you want to charter from point A to point B.

Cessna Citation X private jet charter
Cessna Citation X


At a price of $22 million, the Cessna Citation X is the world’s fastest super mid-size business jet. With an upgraded Rolls Royce AE3007C2 turbofan engine, and several features to make your trip comfortable, this is the ideal luxury private jet for anyone looking to ride in style this summer.


From one of the biggest brands in the world comes their first private aircraft.

Honda Jet
HondaJet Fleet of Private Jets

The HondaJet by Honda is one of the most highly anticipated private jets to date. With its reasonable $4.5 million price tag, the HondaJet is sure to be a popular private jet for those trips to Houston, Aspen, and Miami charters.

The plane features an over-the-wing engine mount design, offering a much quieter flight by reducing the amount of noise that enters the cabin.  The best in-class legroom, along with the multi-axis seats, make for a comfortable ride that cannot be matched by commercial flights.

Bombardier Challenger 350

bombardier challenger 350 aircraft image
Bombardier Challenger 350

Bombardier has been dominating the mid-size private aircraft category for some time, but they just stepped it up a notch with their newest addition.

At almost $26 million, the Bombardier Challenger 350 is the follow-up to the Challenger 300. The Challenger 350 features several new improvements including a new cabin management system, larger windows, and a new engine that will allow it the private jet to cruise at higher altitudes.  With an improved flying range, the Bombardier Challenger 350 will be the top of the line mid-size business jet that flyers will be opting for this summer.

Nextant G90XT

Available in a number of different cabin configurations, the Nextant G90XT is the best turboprop for your chartered trip from a Los Angeles charter to Aspen.

nextant g90xt in hanger
Nextant G90XT

With several upgrades from the Nextant 400XTi, the Nextant G90XT is an exceptional step up from the previous Nextant private aircraft. The improved climate control and the ergonomically contoured cabin make for a more comfortable ride than the 400XTi.

On the technical side, the G90XT features the all-new GE H80 engine, giving the jet a bit more power than the 400XTi. Along with the enhanced engine comes the Garmin G1000 integrated flight instrument system and a new electronic engine control (ECC) system. Considering all of the upgrades from the 400XTi, the G90XT is the best private jet that $2 million can buy.

Gulfstream G650

If you’re looking for a larger private jet, then look no further.

The Gulfstream G650 is the top of the line large sized private plane. At a $65 million price tag, the Gulfstream G650 is seen as the cream of the crop of private jets charters. It boasts the largest cabin and has the longest range of any luxury private jet on this list. With 12 different cabin configurations, the Gulfstream G650 can be customized to match your style and your needs. It has the tallest and widest cabin of all large sized private jets, making it also the most comfortable.

Gulfstream G650 Interior
Gulfstream G650 Interior

With orders of the Gulfstream G650 backed up until 2017, it’ll be tough to get your hands on the world’s most popular private plane. It’s no wonder people around the world consider the Gulfstream G650 to be the gold standard of private jets, and rightfully so.

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