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Luxury Events : 2015 FIA Formula 1 World Championship

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Formula 1 Grand Prix Race

If you enjoy living the life of luxury, then experiencing all of life’s luxuries is a must. Attending luxury events are no exception, especially with all of the great events going on around the world. This brings about the question, which event will you go to in November, and how are you going to get there.

Let’s take a look at some of the events happening around the world:

Formula 1 Grande Premio Petrobras Brasil

The Formula 1 Grande Premio by Petrobras in Brasil, which takes place between November 13 – November 15, is a must for those that are traveling to South America this Autumn. Interlagos, the speedway where the Formula 1 Grande Premio takes place, is located in São Paulo, the financial hub of Brazil. The Formula 1 Grande Premio dates back to 1973, and it is known as one of the most prestigious Formula 1 events in the world.  Brasil is ideal for a traveler that seeks to relish in rich formula 1 history, culture, a lavish nightlife, and all around sports car enthusiast.

Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi

Travel halfway around the world to immerse yourself in another rich and extravagant culture. Abu Dhabi is the worlds richest city, and it’s home to numerous 5-star hotels, as well as the Ferrari Theme Park. There’s an eclectic mix of international cuisine and a vast selection of 5-star hotels, yet the culture remains a fine point in the private traveler’s experience.

Many of those who visit Abu Dhabi, do so to catch the renowned 2015 Formula 1 Grand Prix. The 7th annual Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi will be held November 27-November 29 at the Yas Marina Speedway. With spectacular views and a track that wraps around the glamorous new Yas Marina, the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi will be one of the premier luxury events of the year. Additionally, this formula 1 race will be the last of the year and will crown the 2015 FIA Formula 1 World Champion. The atmosphere will be electrifying and will not disappoint.

Choosing a Mode of Transportation

Commercial airlines today are not what they used to be. While the demand for travel, ticket prices, and number of baggage fees have all increased in the last two decades, the level of service, comfort, and affordability of commercial air travel has drastically decreased. With the downfall of the commercial airline industry, a gradual increase in rentals has been exhibited in recent years. The level of comfort and flexibility afforded by private jet travel has made it a clear choice for those that seek to travel comfortably.

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