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You Could Spend Less Flying on a Private Jet Charter than on a Commercial Carrier!

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On August 27, 2014, The Huffington Post released an article that captivated readers with a thought provoking and enticing headline. It read, “Taking a Private Jet can be Cheaper than you Think.” Well, if that’s the case then we should all sign up for an executive jet rental the next time an exotic locale calls our name, right? According to the article, charter jet services like and Private Fly will offer what are called “empty legs.” These essentially occur when “a private jet drops off its high-profile clients at their desired destination,” the Huffington Post explains.

That’s right! Travelers can reap the benefits of up to 75% off their private jet charter ticket. They’re not all that common, but they surely do happen. Approximately 40% of the time, these private jets won’t have any passengers on board on the trek back, so if a savvy traveler is at the right time, huge savings on a luxurious private charter jet can easily be theirs.

Interested in scoring one of these hot, exclusive deals on your next travel adventure? Well, it’s not the easiest thing to swing, but if you’re determined to book that private jet at a hugely discounted rate, you must make it your mission to check sites like daily to find updates on their reduced rates. When you land on their webpage, you want to make sure you enter the type of private jet charter you are interested in flying on, your ideal travel dates and time (for both departure and return), your travel destination and the number of travelers in your party. Oftentimes, consistent due diligence will pay off and these alleged needle in a haystack kind of private jet deals can inevitability be yours.

As a side note, besides the obvious luxurious and exclusive experience of flying private, did you know that charter jet services enable travelers to literally show up at the airport within mere minutes of their given departure time? Thanks to a significantly quicker security process, the time between the moment you arrive at your plane to the second your private jet leaves the runway will be faster than you’ve ever experienced before.

Not only can you expect faster service, but many private jet travelers also report enjoying the perks of flying with much greater leniency. More specifically, your executive jet rental will enable you to bring your furriest companion on board. You’ll sit in the comfiest leather seat you could have ever imagined while flying in the air and you will dine on gourmet food on the private jet’s finest china. So, this begs the question: is today a good day to check to see what kind of last minute deals they can offer you. Or, for faster service, call them directly at 877-534-6691. Wherever you go, make it a luxurious experience. Go classy, go exclusive, go private. Go


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