Picture Your Private Jet Charter Experience
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Picture Your Private Jet Charter Experience

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It is 3:59 A.M. the morning, the sun’s rays of light begin to peak through the dark sky. A sudden bleating sound resonates from the compact mobile device, swiftly your hand silences the noise by furiously tapping the off icon, all while enviously gazing at the snooze option and your significant other remains off in dream land. It’s now 4:00 A.M., the rest of the house remains in a deep slumber and you quietly put on clothes, now tip toe out of the room without waking up your spouse. The thought of having to fly out to your first meeting and soon after fly back in time for another meeting at corporate headquarters, meaning; you have to catch two flights today. Hence, in order to make these meetings you had to book the earliest flight at 5:30 A.M. to make it all happen.

Having showered the night before, you splash water onto your face, quickly dressed, then make sure you have everything you’ll need for the day, and now await the cabs arrival. As the minutes pass by, you realize the cab stands running late, and the anxiety of missing your flight creeps up. The sun isn’t even up and you already wish the day to conclude. To compensate you tell yourself you’ll catch a catnap on the flight, at least. Upon arriving late to the airport you realize it’s rather early that the check in lines aren’t even open yet, and still need to print your bordering pass. Patiently wait in line until the baggage clerks begin to file in at their counters, however the dreaded TSA lines await. Fortunately, you make it to the gate just in time to be bull-rushed to a seat and strapped in shoulder to shoulder to a talkative couple for the duration of your cramped, tiresome flight experience.

When you arrive, it’s down to business. Now it’s time to face a fresh set of obstacles, it’s time to hail another taxi and deal with an unfamiliar city’s traffic craze. Time blesses by arriving ten minutes early, barely sufficient amount of time to review meeting material. The other party extends their hand signifying a job well done, however negotiations were shrewd. Now, it’s time to catch your flight back and make your late meeting in time.

Once again, you dance the same song and dance with the taxi, airport, and TSA lines. Followed by another mad dash to your gate as it’s almost time to depart—not even leaving you enough time to grab a bite. Even still, you power on and arrive on time. After a long day you finally return home—after dark—and barely energetic enough to wish your loved ones a pleasant night.

The truth remains this story shouldn’t be difficult to imagine since it is the reality of traveling professionals. The thought of having the flexibility of departing from a less crowded airport, the comfort of not putting up with sitting arm’s distance of a complete stranger, and having the privacy to conduct business while flying all resembles a distant dream.

Guess what? This can be a reality, one that doesn’t have to consume the entire day as well as fatigue you in the process.

The Solution

citationxinteriorSay good-bye to commercial flight and book a private charter jet for future executive business meeting. For a marginally elevated cost, your goals will no longer focus on booking a flight weeks in advance, catching an early flight, shuttling from a taxi, walking through pesky TSA lines, boarding the plane, picking up your luggage, and repeating. All these distractions and inconveniences if not planned accordingly can be detrimental to the outcome of a business meeting.

What are the key advantages?

Now picture this, the once wasted resource of both your enterprise and yourself is now your competitive advantage. Instead of restless night of sleep, you can wake up fully energized and stress free knowing the private jet will be there regardless of your arrival time. The hours spent arriving, checking in, and boarding on a commercial flight are reduced to mere minutes. A significant benefit of private jet travel is the boardroom environment. Find all necessary outlets and ports to plug in a laptop and electronics to work on business preparations. Go into your corporate meeting confident, at ease, well rested, and fully prepared. No matter if the meeting runs late, the private jet charter will be there waiting and clear for flight once the door closes. These added benefits produce a sensible investment in booking a private jet rental and executing corporate negotiations. Best of all when compared to a commercial airline, you arrive hours before and on time for dinner with the family.

What are the Requirements?

At Jets.com we provide a one-on-one client experience requiring a time, a destination and the presence of your corporate team. Flights can be scheduled on the same day with just a few hours of notification. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees or surcharges. Jets.com Jet Card Membership Programs offers a commitment luxurious travel experience at a flat 25 hour jet card price or per hour price. Our programs are exciting and unmatched in quality, safety, and service.

Jets.com is proud to be a global leader in providing the highest quality private jet services–charters are available all throughout the United States to transport you anywhere in the world. Jets.com is a cost effective private jet charter and is committed to offering the best quality of service to businesses, enterprises, and frequent flyers, all over the world. For additional information on Jets.com jet card, request a free private jet quote.

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