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Top 4 Safari Excursions to Travel via Private Jet

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Safari Excursions via Private Jet Charter

Success in life did not occur by means of playing it safe. Continue living on the boldly satisfy your wild side and book a trip to an African safari. Once on the safari, you will come across some of the world’s most fascinating wild game animals. Additionally, you will cross paths with rich, cultured people and historic culture. Depending on your perspective, one might be blown away with nature on the continent of Africa.

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Private jet charter makes a 15 plus hour flight across the world a pleasant and a lavish one. Whether you decide to take a piston plane for a quicker arrival time with plenty of cargo space for an extended stay. Or chose a smaller piston plane with less cargo room, so you can view the beauties of the safari from above.

Top 4 Destinations For Your Safari Excursion

Deciding on the right Safari destination is harder than it seems. Africa offers many options depending on one’s needs. Here are some places to keep in mind for your next African safari trip.

East Africa

Tanzania and Kenya are two premier options in East Africa. Both of the traditional safari destinations boast thousands of beasts traveling through their national parks. Kenya is home to effortless vistas and views of the big game. Tanzania is home to some of the world’s oldest crocodiles. They are both the most popular safaris, so you cannot go wrong with either option.

South Africa

South Africa brings more value for explorers wanting more than just wildlife. It is home to some of the world’s finest wine country, safari lodges, and charming cities. You can find lavish luxury and traditional safari experience in South Africa. Kruger National park is one of the oldest and best-kept parks. It also features some of the best views of the traditional safari animals.


Botswana features some of the densest population of wild game along the brilliant peacock-blue river. This includes wild dogs, cheetahs and hyenas. Botswana has become a popular travel destination for it offers a less visited game experience. The lodging experience in Botswana is great for budgets of all price ranges.


Uganda is home to one of the most remote and atmospheric Guerilla camps. The Guerilla tracking makes the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve an iconic African Safari destination. This immaculate destination is home to approximately half of the world’s mountain gorilla population as well as breathtaking volcanoes and waterfalls.

Guide to Health and Safety on Safari

We know that health and safety is a real concern for many travelers, so we have taken advantage of Go2Africa’s expertise to provide you with a comprehensive health and safety infographic.

Booking the Right Safari

Once your mind is set on a safari site to charter a private jet to, consider an agency to book your safari excursion. There are dozens of options, however, keep in mind not to sacrifice price for cleanliness or safety. When in doubt read the reviews and travel guide books for an in-depth understanding.

Micato Safaris wins countless awards for their stellar service. They also use part of their profits to send African children to school for twelve years. Micato safaris also include an authentic dinner in the home of a tour guide.

Additionally, another great option to plan your safari would be to use The Luxury Safari Company. They offer access to private guides that specialize in organizing extraordinary private safaris across the entire African continent.

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Booking a Private Jet Charter to your Safari

Whether in the need of a Los Angeles or New York jet charter, our 25 hour jet card program makes a safari trip convenient from any destination. The jet card eliminates the maintenance and service fees, providing private jet travel 365 days a year.

Therefore, the African safari of your dreams is closer than you think. Visit the wild in a luxury heavy jet or a simple piston plane. Either way, enjoy the private jet travel perks of bypassing the hassle of the commercial airplanes for your safari trip.

Forget the worries of sitting without your party, carry-ons, beverage limits or terrible movies. A jet card gets you beyond the limits of first-class flights, so you can concentrate on the memories made at the safari.

For more information on booking a private jet charter flight to an African Safari, please fill out our charter quote form or call or call +1 833-538-7266 today.

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