Zurich Watch & Jewelry Exhibition & Belles Montres
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Jets.com: Zurich Watch & Jewelry Exhibition & Belles Montres

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Charter a private jet to Zurich Watch & Jewelry Exhibition & Belles Montres

Jewelry is not only considered a status symbol, but a reflection of someone’s taste. A woman’s craze for jewelry is a universally known fact. Women look more beautiful, confident, and graceful when wearing jewelry. In most cases, it enhances the beauty of an outfit and overall personality. Whether it’s a toned down, simplistic style, or an extravagant and vibrant look, jewelry can be a woman’s way of expressing herself without saying a word.

For men, jewelry is synonymous with watches. A watch is to men what jewelry is to women, though watches are also a part of women’s jewelry. For men, a watch can signify a man’s status, their taste, and their style. Watch enthusiasts will agree, that a watch becomes not just a part of a man’s outfit, but also a part of a man’s life.

While some shop at the nearest Fossil for a new timepiece or at Macy’s for new earrings, watch and jewelry enthusiasts gather at the world’s finest exhibits to find the most luxurious watches and jewelry made by the world’s most distinguished watchmakers and jewelry designers. This year, two luxury events focused on watches and jewelry will take place in Zurich, Switzerland and Paris, France. They are known as the Zurich Watch and Jewellery Exhibition and the Belles Montres Beautiful Watches Fair.

Zurich Watch and Jewellery Exhibition

The Zurich Watch and Jewellery Exhibition started back in 2012, in which luxury watches and jewelry from 12 luxury brands were showcased. It was a two-day event held at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich. As the only watch and jewelry exhibit held in Zurich, the world’s most renowned watch brands, including Hublot, TAG Heuer, Bovet, DeLaneau, Panerai, Badollet and Romain Jerome, participated in the exhibition that drew 700 in its first year. Startling, dazzling, and fresh jewelry innovations by Faberge, Boucheron, llgiz F and others were the major highlights of the first Zurich Watch and Jewellery Exhibition in 2012, with incredibly chic and contemporary jewelry designs from all the showcases.

The ballroom at the Park Hyatt being spacious enough to showcase the exquisite jewelry pieces and luxurious watches beautifully for the attendees. Exhibitors themselves found the venue perfect for the event, and the event has since been held at the same location every year. In 2013, the organizers of the Zurich Watch and Jewellery Exhibition extended the event from two days in length to three days in length. Once again, ZWJE was held at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich, and once again, it was a successful event.

This year, the ZWJE will be held from the 25th of November to the 27th of November at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich. Join the watchmakers and other watch enthusiasts at the luxury event of the year, the Zurich Watch and Jewelry Exhibition.

Belles Montres – Beautiful Watches Fair

Belles Montres, one of the most prestigious events of the year, is one of the world’s most highly regarded watchmaker gatherings. The Belles Montres is the premier event where you can meet your favorite watchmakers and relish in timepiece heaven. With watchmaking conferences, workshops, thematic exhibitions, and more, the Belles Montres has established itself as “the meeting place for prestige watchmaking enthusiasts.”

This year, from the 27th of November to the 29th of November, the Belles Montres event will showcase the latest watch designs in their 9th edition of the “Beautiful Watches Fair.” Held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France, Belles Montres is famous for combining elegance, style, and modishness in its timepiece collections from different international watchmakers. Whatever your taste in watches, this event will quench any watch aficionado’s thirst for highly technical and sophisticated timepieces.

Getting to the Events

Whether you decide to attend the Zurich Watch and Jewelry Exhibition in Switzerland or the Belles Montres in France, you’re probably not flying in economy class. For a truly luxurious experience, traveling in a private jet is a must – in flies the Beechjet 400A private jet.

The Beechjet 400A private aircraft is a mix of luxury and efficiency. With the most spacious cabin space in its class, flying in the Beechjet 400A is a quiet ride above the sky with 7 of your closest friends and family. Travel comfortably and in style to the ZWJE or the Belles Montres in the Beechjet 400A private jet. Attending the event is only half the fun, getting there is the other half. Visit Jets.com to see a bevy of private jets that you can charter to your next vacation or luxury event.

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