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Private Jet Travel to the Best Coastlines in South America

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The Best Coastlines in South America

South America fronts the Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It should not be a surprise that the continent is home to world-class beaches and coastlines. The southern-most beaches are best in the Austral summer, however the North Beaches bring great weather year-round. Each country has splendid beaches for everyone. There are island getaways, party-loving surf towns, fishing villages and glittering sands across the continent.

Sorting through all of the different coastline destinations in South America seems difficult. These are the best beaches to consider after you decide to travel to South America via a private jet rental.

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

There is a reason why 30,000 people flock to this former fishermen island during the Christmas-February peak season. Punta del Diablo is a prime getaway for Uruguayans and Argentines. Waves of development push further inland and across the coast, but the stunning shoreline remains constant. The laid back lifestyle on this island is still the epicenter of Uruguay’s backpacker beach scene. Nicknamed as the devil’s tip, this offers a more modest beach escape than other coastlines. Your next backpacking beach adventure in Punta del Diablo is only a private jet flight away!

Mancora, Peru

Mancora might not be as a popular as Machu Picchu, although it still offers one of South America’s pristine coastlines. Peruvian and international visitors come to enjoy the sun and sand at this hidden gem. The beach is lined with open-air bars facing the oceans. Meanwhile, the other side of the beach offers beautiful sandy deserts. The waves and breezy conditions attract surfers year round. This is an enjoyable beach for a beach bum or serious surfer. Additionally, the town offers classes for those interested in picking-up surfing. This surf paradise always convenient when you are a member of jet card.

Montañita, Ecuador

The beach town of Montanita also offers world-class surfing. This lovely paradise offers a cool surfing vibe to help escape the hustle of your everyday life. However, the rocking parties and loud music make it even more fun. You can find locals with dreadlocks surfing, playing soccer or volleyball. This is the perfect place for a cocktail and some ceviche. Great fish dishes are part of this former fishing town’s heritage. Additionally, backpackers enjoy this site for the cheap hostels and the walkable terrain. If you are looking for some fun and some lazy leisure, Montanita is the perfect destination for your private jet flight.

Tayrona, Colombia

This is listed as one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Tayrona is located in the Tayrona National Park just outside Santa Maria. Accommodations include luxury cabins or hammocks near the beach. Many enjoy simply laying on the beach or swimming in the water, nonetheless hiking is also popular in the park. There are many monkeys, birds and marine life across this coastal paradise. Whatever your budget, Tayrona will make your trip on a private jet even more memorable.

Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques offers beautiful coral reefs in its chain of islands. Any of the islands offer beautiful coast lines for leisure during your beach holiday. However, the Los Roques National Park features spectacular snorkeling and diving. This is the perfect sunshine destination to travel in your private jet with your sweetheart.

Traveling to South American Coastlines

South America’s diversity in geography makes the beaches very unique. Any of the sandy paradises along the Caribbean, Pacific, or Atlantic makes for a memorable vacation. South American beaches present world-class surf, delicious food, lazy leisure and beautiful views.

The World’s best coastlines are even more accessible with a private charter jet. You won’t have to prioritize which beaches you visit if you have a jet card. With 365 day access to an affordable private jet, you can lay-up in the year round South American Sunshine on your teams. Moreover, the zero maintenance costs allow you to travel as many times as you need to.




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