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Face Your Fear of Flying with Jets.com

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While sharing stories about my recent experience in a Cirrus SR-22, a good friend made the comment, “I can’t believe you would want to be in such a small plane—let alone fly in it!” I giggled at first, dismissing the exaggerated comment; but her concern was a legitimate one, particularly considering all that has happened just over the past year.

We have all heard about the large commercial flights from Southeast Asia going “missing” in the ocean for mysterious reasons. And then, there was the story of the German Airbus taking a steady descent into the face of a French mountain. If these accidents occur, then what reassurances are there that a smaller, more private plane would perform any more safely?

Dispelling the Private Flying Myths

Needless to say, there are numerous statistical analyses demonstrating that flying – let alone private jet travel – is far safer than driving a car. According to the FAA, there are only about 2-3 accidents for every 100,000 flight hours (and less than 1 per 100,000 flight hours cause fatalities). So what does that mean? Don’t bank on making money off an insurance claim from an airline company.

Flights are statistically much less risky because prospective pilots undergo extensive training in excess of driver’s license requirements. Pilot trainees need at least 40 supervised flying hours just to qualify for a private pilot’s certificate. People like Angelina Jolie, who has a small plane that she flies from time to time, have earned this type of license to fly recreationally. Most people typically work past 50 flying hours in an attempt to over qualify for such a license.  People seeking a commercial pilot’s license are subjected to more than 200 hours of additional flight training before becoming commercially certified. On top of that, a pilot has to qualify for certain “ratings” to be able to fly various classes of aircraft. Piloting a Boeing versus piloting a Gulfstream is dynamically different, even though both manufacturers maintain executive charter aircraft segments.

How is Jets.com different?

Jets.com’s safety policies ensure that all of our clients’ pilots and staff are highly trained before taking on the responsibility of transporting you and your loved ones all over the world. From smoothly soaring through the skies to proactively responding to any turbulence or other unforeseen issues, the men and women who pilot private jets are of the best mental health, physical health and ability to do the job.

However, sometimes knowing all of the above is not enough of a comfort, and the sound of crying babies, the smell of heavily used lavatories, and the frustration of poorly supported seats can create a heavy feeling of discomfort.  Through a Jets.com jet membership those worries all become forgotten afterthoughts.

JETS.com is an industry leader providing affordable, international private jet charter cards. If you’re feeling nervous but still want to travel to beautiful destinations like Bora Bora or Casablanca – why not brave your fear with a few dirty martinis and a reclining chair more comfortable than any Lazy-Boy?

Find out how Jets.com makes your private jet travel experience a delightful one – call today to get a private jet quote and experience the Jets.com difference!

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