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5 Special Perks of Chartering a Private Jet

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Running through the airport, while then having to wait in long lines and stuffy waiting rooms, is becoming a thing of the past.

Globetrotting the world in a private charter jet may seem like a farfetched concept, especially in an economy that is just now beginning to recover. However, it has become more readily available to everyday flyers. And, with some of the best perks you could think of, traveling private has become a world-class relaxing experience, rather than a tiring obligation.

Let’s dive into the some of the most interest facts about private jet travel that you may not have known.

Full Body Massages

The flight staff employed by private jets is not your typical staff of flight attendants on Southwest. When you charter a private jet, you have the luxury of being accommodated by some of the most versatile and experienced flight staffs available. Pilots and flight attendants are hand-picked, and additional staff can be employed. This includes masseuse and massage therapists, so you can really relax and enjoy the ride. Private jets keep the traveler in mind, so perks like these should come as no surprise when you’re flying private

No More Red Eye

Flying commercial is stressful, so for many business travelers, flying red eye is the way to go. For one thing, it’s more convenient. You have a far less crowded airport to scramble through on your way to the terminal, meaning shorter lines and less time going through security. And, the flights typically have open seats, meaning less people on board, and more seating options. Add in that you can sleep during the flight, and catching the red-eye sounds like a pretty solid deal for fliers that prefer to relax on their flights. However, regardless of these incentives offered by red-eye flights, they are not ideal for most travelers.

While abroad a private jet you feel as if you’re in a 5 star hotel. You have the luxury of skipping the lines, and the freedom of arriving and departing whenever you want. The big comfortable seats are able to lie back into a comfortable bed, and you can enjoy a relaxing dinner with your favorite foods and cocktails. Additionally, on some planes you can find showers on board, so you can go to your meeting feeling fresh and relaxed.

Super Bowl in Style

The Super Bowl brings thousands of people to one city every year, and the most popular mode of transportation is chartering a private jet. This makes the Super Bowl the biggest day of the year for jet companies. Flying in a private jet is not just the most convenient mode of transportation, but can also be the cheapest when booking your ticket last minute for such a huge event and when traveling with friends and family.

No Waiting Around and No Security

If you travel by chartering a private jet, you get to choose the departure time of your flight. There is no inconvenience of arriving hours before your flight. You have the freedom to arrive at the one of 5,000+ airports and board your private jet just minutes prior to lift off. And, since you’re flying private charter, there are zero TSA security checkpoints to bypass. Simply get to the airport, and hop on your private jet. And, for those traveling internationally, the same perks apply when you charter a private jet for international travel destinations.

The freedom of not going through security before a flight is truly satisfying. You have the ability to bring on large and odd-shaped luggage, multiple guests of your choosing, and enjoy the flight how you want.

Any Meal, Any Time

“Chicken or fish?” – A common question heard on commercial flights both domestic and international. There never is a right answer, as both meal options are generally mediocre. However, when you fly private, you get the freedom to choose whatever meal you’d like to eat. Whether it’s an 8 oz. New York steak, or a simple but delicious tuna melt, the meal you eat, is the meal you want.

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The decision to charter a private jet has never been easier. With lower than ever prices and some incredible perks, you’re going to reconsider that commercial flight you’re thinking about booking. For the traveler that values comfort, relaxation, and luxury, there’s no better option that chartering a private jet.

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