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Jet Charter One of Kobe’s Last Games

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You don’t have to live in Los Angeles, nor do you need Laker fandom to appreciate the greatness of Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant announced this season would be his last in the NBA, and the secondary ticket market immediately sky-rocketed. With less than 50 games left, arenas will fill as fans pay their last respects to the man who won 5 NBA titles and dropped 81 in a single game. However, a private jet charter makes witnessing one of Kobe’s last games even more convenient. An affordable private jet charter allows one to bid farewell to an NBA icon and legend in some of the NBA’s best arenas, or against the best NBA talent.

Here are three of Kobe’s final games, which you will not want to miss. Each is worthy of private jet travel and any cost of admission.

@Boston Celtics, December 30, 2015

Close out the year by catching Bryant against his arch-rival Celtics. Whether you need a private LA jet charter or NY jet charter, catching Kobe’s final game in Madison Square Garden will be priceless. Bryant should meet a barrage of cheers from Celtics fans, for probably the first time in his twenty year career. That alone makes the game worth flying to, regardless of your home base.

These two franchises have a bitter history, which includes Bryant playing them in the NBA Finals twice. Bryant won one NBA Finals and lost the other one versus the Celtics. Nonetheless, he will want to defeat the Celtics’ home crowd one more time. Lastly, a private jet charter allows you to avoid all the commercial travelers flying for New Years. Hence, there is no excuse to miss Bryant’s final game in Boston.

@Cleveland Cavaliers, February 10, 2015

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the greatest basketball players in history. They only have two more matchups left, and this is the last one on the King’s home-court. Bryant’s competitive streak will be on display, as his Lakers face last season’s Eastern Conference Champions. Bryant will bring everything he can to outperform LeBron, one last time. Even the most casual basketball fans will appreciate watching two of the greatest showdowns. Added, this could double as a romantic outing before Valentine’s Day.

How many people will say they saw one of the last acts of Kobe versus LeBron? You story will be more impressive when boasting about game travel via a private charter jet.  Anyone can catch Kobe’s final heroics on television, but why not view it live? A private charter flight gets you to a game and back, without the hassle of commercial airports.

Private Jet Charter to an NBA Great’s Last Game offers an affordable private jet charter that will get you to Bryant’s final showings in class and safety.

A private jet card makes it even more convenient to see Kobe at any of his last games. It grants you access to a large catalog of charter jets. Any of them will help you skip the lines of commercial airports. That way you will not miss the tip-off of Kobe’s final games. offers charter jet services with less limitations than the rest of the industry. Innovative jet card membership allows for per hour price or 25 Jet Card Price and there are no hidden maintenance charges.

A jet card means there is no excuse to miss one of Bryant’s final games. Whether you are a casual fan or a die-hard Laker fan, you will not regret seeing Bryant one last time. Kobe’s last games are a priceless experience, and a private charter jet makes that experience all the more convenient.

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