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Avoid Commercial Flight Frustrations

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Life Before Flying by Private Jet Charter

As an individual who has had to fly frequently on business trips my frustration with flight delays, lack of flights, and cancellations is all too real. My frustration came to an end when a friend introduced to JETS.com, an industry leading private jet charter. However I wasn’t always that lucky and most that regularly from commercial airlines can agree.  The longest flights are always the most uncomfortable flights you have to endure when flying from standard airline. Anyone can make it through a one-hour flight on a packet of peanuts and a cup of water. What happens when you have a four-hour, five-hour, or even six-hour flight? I remember growing up, taking trips to Korea to visit family, being restless on a plane for up to 14 hours.

Sitting in a small seat that has no support, wedged between two random individuals (whom may or may be considerate of space) for any extended period of time can seem like the makings of the ultimate torture scene. Booking an economy class flight may be the most affordable, however it comes at an expense. Flying economy class tends to lead to potential strained necks, tiresome slumber, and overall physical discomfort. A frequent flyer favorite is when the overhead carry-on space runs out and those boarding last cause a delay due to having to now check in their carry-on. It is experiencing this nuisances that lead to me private charter flights.

Large airliners realize these discomforts and offer a variety of alternative class options to better accommodate customer needs: business class, first class, and etc. To acquire additional perks one has to be willing to spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. From economy to business class, you might get a free meal and slightly more leg space. Upgrade to first class? Free alcohol, better reclining seats are to be expected, and possibly enough space to not bump elbows with the person next to you. Though these perks are nice it does not solve the issue of flexibility and time that flying private charter flights offer.

Flexibility is a precious especially in the world today. Searching through various travel sites for a flight from that departs from a desired airport is no easy task and wastes valuable time. Time is costly and precious, as they say time is money. Aside from the flight delays the long check in and TSA lines are bothersome.

To fend off frustrations some will recommend wearing comfortable clothing on the plane—layering breathable, loose-fitting garments that will allow you to adjust to how cool or warm you want to feel on the plane. Others will advise the importance of noise-canceling headphones and a good pillow for neck support. All of these things would be great for those who are capable to be moving freely and truth is they help in the slightest bit.

So what is the alternative?

The sacrifice of individual privacy, comfort, flexibility and time is an afterthought when signing up with Jets.com affordable jet card membership. You can choose select from a variety of luxurious jets to take your party to their next extravagant destination.

Last minute Jet Travel? No problem, Jets.com is can accommodate any travel need day or night. With no troublesome check-in process or long lines you save time and get to where you need to be.  If sleep was an issue in an airline, private jet travel provides a homey ambiance where you can move freely and the only other passengers are your guests. Have you ever felt stuffy after being on a commercial plane for too long? Majority of jets boast a dual climate control system to allow for fresh air in the cabin, rather than recirculated air. Kiss away all your commercial airline frustration with Jets.com.

Jets.com is proud to be a global leader in providing the highest quality private jet services– we have charters all throughout the United States to take you anywhere in the world. Jets.com is an affordable private jet charter and is committed to offering the best quality of service to businesses, enterprises, and frequent flyers, all over the world. For more information on Jets.com jet card, call for free private jet quote.

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