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The Top Luxury Hotel Brands Around the World –

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Travelers that are the happiest tend to charter private jets and stay in the most popular and luxurious hotels around the world. After all, if you’re going to fly in style, then your hotel experience should be no different.

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Luxury Branding, a London-based consultancy, conducted a study on the world’s most popular and luxurious hotels. When speaking with Piers Schmidt, the founder of Luxury Branding, he explained that the world’s “luxury hotel sector, which has been ranked by industry organizations, travel operators and specialty publications, is becoming democratized by the advent of TripAdvisor and similar portals that allow consumers to act as vocal, real-time critics, champions, and commentators.” What does this all mean? In a nutshell, the ratings and perception of luxury hotels are now in the hands of consumers that write reviews, comment, and rate these very same resorts.

There is, however, an industry perception that the consumers that stay at these high end luxury hotels “don’t write reviews.” This perception is no longer valid, for the tech savvy travelers rely on not just their own experiences, but also on the experiences of others, whether that be family, friends, or reviewers that they may not know. Nevertheless, it has become evident that the democratization of hotel ranking has become a more concrete representation of the experiences that consumers have with these luxury hotels around the world.

In a study conducted by Luxury Branding, they analyzed over 2 million public reviews on TripAdvisor to rank more than 950,000 hotels and lodging venues internationally. The study takes a look at reviews dated up until August of 2015 and is one of the largest luxury hospitality study samples ever analyzed. Here are the top 3 luxury hotels around the world:

The Ritz-Carlton

Owned by the hotel conglomerate Marriot International, the Ritz-Carlton is revered as the elite and highly regarded luxury hotel. Herve Humler, the President and Chief Operations Officer for the Ritz-Carlton, was “honored to receive this distinction atop an elite group of companies that focus on customer service excellence.” Humler went on to explain their customer-centric organization’s efforts in maintaining positive feedback from guests, stating that they are appreciative of the recognition afforded to them by their global travelers. The Ritz-Carlton achieved a sizable margin over the other top global luxury hotels with a “resounding win.” The recognition by Luxury branding comes a couple of months after they were recognized as the top luxury brand for guest satisfaction by the J.D. Power 2015 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction index Study.

Oberoi Hotels and Resorts

With properties in India, Indonesia, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, the Oberoi Hotels and Resorts are ranked second in Luxury Branding’s survey of the world’s most popular luxury hotel brands. Founded in 1934, the 30+ luxury hotels owned and operated by Oberoi Group are well known across the globe for providing a unique blend of service, luxury, and efficiency. The unparalleled service and all-around excellence of Oberoi Hotels and Resorts make this luxury hospitality brand one of the highest rated hotels on TripAdvisor, and second on Luxury Branding’s list.

Raffle Hotel and Resort

Coming in at third on Luxury Branding’s list of most popular luxury hotel brands in Raffles Hotels and Resorts. Their highly engaged and committed workforce work to provide guests with a hospitality experience unlike any other. Raffles has hotel and resort destinations around the world, including the bustling cities of Dubai, Singapore, and Cambodia.

While the notion exists that high end consumers are not keen on reviewing and rating their experiences on popular sites like TripAdvisor, the 2.25 million reviews that were gathered and used to determine the world’s most popular luxury hotels are no coincidence. Luxury Branding’s approach in determining the coveted luxury hotel brands was more than effective and sheds light on where the best places to stay are. Here is a complete list of the top 10 luxury hotel brands, as found by Luxury Branding:

  1. The Ritz-Carlton
  2. Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
  3. Raffles Hotel & Resorts
  4. Langham Hotels and Resorts
  5. Rocco Forte Hotels
  6. Dorchester Collection
  7. Capella Hotels and Resorts
  8. Park Hyatt
  9. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
  10. Armani Hotels & Resorts

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