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Gulfstream G650, Cutting Edge Private Jet Travel

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The world moves fast, technological innovations moves even faster, and trends in style move fastest of all. To meet the demands of a fast moving, fast thinking stylish world of private jet travelers, the brilliant minds over at Gulfstream have fabricated and built the Gulfstream G650, the latest in luxurious private jet design. This cutting-edge innovation enables the luxury jet to elegantly soar through the air to get you to your next wondrous destination with divine style and unparalleled comfort.

It all started when the astute team of engineers at Gulfstream sparked the remarkable idea to include a customer advisory board as an integral part of design and fabrication. While having worked alongside a customer advisory board the team at Gulfstream worked toward the development of a state of the art craft. The goal was to exceed the industry standard of efficiency and reliability all while addressing valued customer insights and their desires to create one of the most elite models in the world of private jets. The result of their collaborative labor was the G650, a luxury private jet that excels in all areas of performance and class, providing the best flight experience around.

Known for their sleek design and high performance range, the G650 is the pinnacle of Gulfstream engineering and the private jet travel lifestyle. The innovative curvature and aerodynamic precision by which the G650 was built seamlessly allows it to effortlessly cut through the sky. Coupled with a pair of Rolls-Royce manufactured BR725 jet engines provides a higher thrust that enables for a maximum speeds of up to 7,000 nautical miles, flying as close to mach one as safety will allow. At that that astonishing velocity the flight time to your next destination is reduced by approximately 30 minutes, making it one of the most efficient aircraft available for private jet travel use and purchase. The fact is, faster travel means more business can be conducted in a shorter span of time. However, speed isn’t the only area where the G650 sets the bar.

With 8’6”/2.59 meter-wide space the G650 boasts the largest cabin in its class, making for a roomy and relaxing flight experience for up to 18 passengers. Customers can pick up to twelve different floor plans for their jet, selecting and tailoring a look and layout for a more personalized experience, suiting the purpose of any personal flight plans, whether they be business, pleasure, or both. To further accommodate valued consumers, all G650 cabins can be equipped with a high-speed data system, multichannel satellite, or a wireless local network for internet and phone access. Organize the space however needed, and maximize on both business and personal time.

Aside from the comforts and pleasures that can be offered to customers of Gulfstream, the designers and engineers also took steps to offer some respite to the person on the plane doing the most work—the pilot. Part of having an excellent and relaxing flight experience is knowing that those piloting the aircraft are in good hands themselves. Confidence is a big part of any job, and the team at Gulfstream knows, all too well, that pilots are no exception to this rule.  In order to find their confidence when flying so close to sound barrier, it’s important they have the most user-friendly and most efficiently accommodating instruments available to them. When the G650 was designed, modifications to the cockpit were given as much attention to detail as the wingspan and the landing gear. The Planeview II cockpit designed by Gulfstream is the latest in streamlined displays, aiding pilots in maneuvering the cutting edge in private jets. The CCD (Cursor Control Devices) is built into the G650. This permits for more information to be at the pilot’s disposal—e.g. fuel readout, altitude, weather conditions, etc.—as well as quick and easy access, giving the pilot the best input needed for situational awareness. Along with nose-mounted infrared cameras (Gulfstream’s Enhanced Vision System II), which enable the pilot to see detailed images of the surrounding space and terrain that they otherwise wouldn’t be capable of, obstacles and obscured runaways will never be an issue.

As you can tell by the description Gulfstream’s visionaries put in a lot of thought, worked an extraordinary amount of time, and cut absolutely no corners when designing this state of the art machine to deliver the best private jet travel experience around. The G650 is anything but cumbersome, and you can really see where the cost comes into play. It’s more than just flashy. The accoutrements are just a bonus on this luxury private jet, one of the most elite civilian jets in the world. Gulfstream is one of the most reliable names in aircraft design, and when you fly the G650 you don’t just look good, you’re in good hands. is proud to be a global leader in providing the highest quality private jet services–charters are available all throughout the United States to take you anywhere in the world. is an affordable private jet charter and is committed to offering the best quality of private jet card service to businesses, enterprises, and frequent flyers, all over the world. For more information on jet membership, call for free private jet quote.

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