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Business Travel Tips for Experienced Travelers

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Those who travel frequently for business purposes begin to understand the minute frustrations of navigating airports, security, and airline ticket vendors. If you’re a frequent business traveler looking for tips to help ease your traveling troubles with checked luggage, maintaining your health and energy levels on long travels, or saving money on airline tickets, you’ve come to the perfect place. Below, you will find six tips that every experienced business traveler should know.

1. Take Less Baggage

One of the most frustrating, and expensive, aspects of frequent flying is the checked luggage. Not only does checking your luggage in with the airline cost you a lot of time that you could be spending relaxing or working remotely from your phone but the cost of checked luggage can also add up quickly.

The more luggage you have or the heavier your luggage is, the more money you will be charged by your airline. These luggage expenses can add up to be almost as much as your airline ticket if you’re not careful.

The best way to reduce your checked luggage costs is to pack lighter. While this is the goal of many people who fly, it can be a difficult goal to achieve because there are so many items that you’ll want to pack for your flight.

There are tricks to packing your luggage efficiently so you can save space and use fewer pieces of luggage. If you want to travel with no luggage, simply pack smaller essential items into your carry-on bag. Any suits, ties, or outfits you may need during your travels can be purchased from department stores in your destination area or can be rented for temporary use.

2. Join the Global Entry Program

For foreign nationals traveling to the United States, you may notice that the rules and regulations for entering the United States become more stringent and arduous every year. While this is done for the protection of the United States and its citizens, it can become a tiresome burden for well-meaning visitors wishing to come to the United States on business. Luckily for you, there is a program called Global Entry that will grant expedited entry to pre-approved foreign nationals and US permanent residents.

There is a rigorous screening process including a background check, in-person interview, fingerprint capture, and other checks before you are granted approval of the Global Entry program. Using the program is simple. You scan your passport or permanent resident card at any Global Entry kiosk in the airport, fill out the customs declaration and are then processed quickly and directed to the luggage claim. This can greatly reduce your time spent at the airport.

3. Staying Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is exciting but it can also pose a threat to your health.

Lack of mobility can cause low blood flow and can put you at risk for dangerous blood clots. This is known as Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which occurs in travelers who sit for a long period of time.

To prevent this potentially deadly condition you should look into wearing compression socks when you fly for extended periods of time.

Increasing blood flow is one of the many benefits of compression socks, which naturally stimulates increased healing in the body.

Not an immediate threat, but a long-term threat due to the amount of unhealthy fast food that you’ll be forced to purchase due to having no access to a kitchen and a refrigerator to cook healthy meals. It’s very easy to pick up a fast food meal on the way to your hotel or to order in room service once you arrive.

In addition to being unhealthy, eating fast food on a daily basis can also take a toll on your checking account or credit card balance. The food may be fast, but it’s also expensive.

Instead of relying on local restaurants and expensive room service for your snacks, try bringing a bag of healthy snacks from home or from the local grocery store. These snacks can’t replace a hearty meal, but they’re perfect to eat in between meetings to keep your energy levels up so you’re less likely to overeat later.

Also, consider keeping your alcohol consumption to a minimum. Alcohol can interact badly with your jet lag and make you ill-prepared for business meetings.

4. Invest in Disposable Items

Cutting down on the baggage you need to carry with you can be as simple as stocking up on disposable items while you’re out traveling. In this world of advanced modern technology, many essential items have become conveniently disposable and relatively cheap to purchase. Disposable items can be found at any local drug store or shopping center, so there’s no need to purchase any before your trip only to haul them in your luggage on the plane.

The easiest way to take advantage of disposable products is to purchase them in the city which you’re visiting and use them until they’re ready to be thrown out.

Common disposable items include razors, shaving cream, travel toothpaste, travel soap, travel lotion, tissues, underwear, and even deodorant. All of these items can add up to a large load to carry back and forth with you on your travels. This isn’t such an issue if you plan on visiting one city for a set amount time before returning. This can become a taxing issue if you plan on visiting multiple cities and taking multiple flights. During such a hectic travel schedule, it’s best to utilize the convenience of disposable items.

5. Price Over Miles

When you begin shopping for your airline tickets, there is a tendency to place too much emphasis on getting miles for the trip. While it’s ideal to rack up as many miles as possible, consider this situation. A flight on an airline you’re not a member of is $150 cheaper than one you are a member of. Oftentimes you’ll save more in the long run to choose a cheaper flight from an airline you’re not a member of than the savings the additional miles would give you.

For many experienced business travelers, however, the experience of the flight and the airlines chosen to collect miles with make the additional money worth it.

If it’s a quality flying experience that is desired, consider flying private. It’s likely more affordable than you think.

6. Commercial or Private?

Commercial airlines, while effective, have their flaws. They’re often crowded, noisy, lack of leg room, can be delayed, or have inefficient schedules for your travel needs.

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