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Precautions To Take When Flying Pregnant

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flying while pregnant

Traveling is fun and gives you important life lessons through the many experiences you have along the way.

Whether it’s kids, youngsters, or seniors, everyone loves taking a break from their mundane routine to travel to their favorite places.

But some of the special phases of life like pregnancy strictly doesn’t allow one to explore the world for their safety.

When a woman is pregnant, she is not advised to travel to certain places during different phases to their pregnancy.

If you are expecting a baby and facing some complications, better to be safe at home and not take the risk.

Otherwise, if you really want to enjoy flying while pregnant, make sure you take smart and safe steps.

Below are some travel tips for pregnancy:

  • Start with the most important thing first. Before taking off for your journey, be sure to get your medical check-up done. You must only fly after your doctor says it is ok. It is advisable that you do not fly if you are pregnant after 30 weeks.
  • Stuff your luggage with the right clothes. Take along light clothes with you like cotton maxis or dresses that are easy to carry and comfortable too. Wear comfortable shoes that help you maintain a good balance when you walk. Compression socks will also help with your swelling feet and lower leg pain. They can also be a lifesaver on an airplane as they help with circulation and prevent blood clots.
  • While you’re on the go, don’t forget to take any medications you need with you. Try to place them in the baggage from where you can easily find them and acess them when necessary.
    • Make your travel experience memorable and exciting with your loved ones by your side. Avoid traveling alone since there can be complications and you will want someone you know close by for comfort.
      • Use online sources when it comes to checking the schedule of planes, checking seat availability, booking tickets, and much more. An app like IRCTC PNR status check helps to see the confirmation of tickets.
      • Make sure you and the people coming with you have the contact number of your doctor for in case of emergency.
      • Arrive at the departing place early to avoid any last minute rush. Avoid using stairs even in this scenario.
      • Take more care of health and hygiene during your pregnancy. Don’t use public toilets. To avoid germs and infections, keep your hand sanitizers handy.
      • Another great point here is to carry a water bottle along for avoiding dehydration that can otherwise cause water-borne infections.
      • If you are going to a destination by car that is far away after the airport, take breaks every 1-2 hours and walk to stretch your body. This is important to maintain your blood circulation while traveling.
      • Avoid unreliable packaged items and junk food and carry some healthy nutritional snacks with you instead.


Health comes first always! Especially, if you are pregnant, go through vital check-ups and take necessary medications before heading to an amazing trip. Follow these so that your traveling plans don’t suffer due to your pregnancy. Stay informed to stay safe.

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