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Private Jet Travel: Avoid the TSA & Travel Safely

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Time and time the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening procedures are at the forefront of the unpleased commercial traveler community and a growing private travel community. Among the many luxuries of choosing a premiere private jet charter the most enlightening amenity, by far, is avoiding the need for those pesky, invasive, and slow moving TSA check-points. There won’t be a need to deal with any offensive or intrusive questioning, as well as the violation to your privacy that comes along with overly cautious TSA workers. It is no surprise that has observed a recent spike in travel request from former commercial travelers.

Over the past few years the TSA employment of new procedure has caused a bit of an uproar amongst regular airline travelers. There have been thousands of complaints regarding the TSA procedure. When running through the scanning machines your entire “bare” body is made visible and inspected by a TSA official.  The alternative is a pat down of your entire body, yes, that includes those body parts. Many commercial travelers are also frustrated about the risk of radiation during body scan.

While all commercial jets are required to hold up to a number of Federal Aviation Regulations, or FARs, private jets are held to an additional set of standards under Title 14 of the FAR for all aircraft with less than 30 seats and payloads under 7,500 lbs. Based on these numbers alone you can rest assured that your private jet will get you from point A to B, not just faster than a commercial flight, but also while operating under a set of regulations that guarantees your safety when you fly with us.

The convenience and leisurely comfort of private jet travel (privacy, no invasive searches, etc.) is always a plus, however, they’re not worth compromising your safety over. That’s why a private jet charter like upholds all Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) by ensuring that our aircrafts are all ready for flight with regular industry leading maintenance and repair. Knowing that aircraft meets regulations is pleasing, though the added bonus a fully competent pilot and crew makes the experience that much better.

When choosing as your private jet charter rest assured that the trusted pilots who gracefully fly you to your next destination are certified in accordance with all (Federal Aviation Administration) FAA standards and passed the necessary training to earn what is called an Airport Transport License. In order for a pilot to earn this particular credential they must go through an advanced level of FAA testing that requires them to log in an additional 1,500 hours of flight time. It is impressive when you consider that your average commercial pilot logs in about 1,000 hours per year. Our team of highly trained pilots and crews are more than ready to cater to your needs, and you can rest easy on your flight knowing that you’re in their care.

Unlike commercial airlines where carry on space is uncertain, you are in control. Aside from avoiding the TSA checkpoints you charter the entire aircraft. The captain does have the right to search your bag. No matter for you can be amongst friends, or family on those long trips to a new, exciting vacation destination. That is, unless you’d prefer to be cooped up with a bunch of strangers for a few hours. Private jet travel offers the best flight experience around, free of unwanted distractions, and safe.

Commercial travelers that was once loyal airline travelers continue divert to private jet services. Due to the frustration of the TSA screening continues to draw interest from new private charter flyers, the result has led to numerous controversy free flights. is industry leader in aviation safety and comfort for we understand our client’s needs. is proud to be a global leader in providing the highest quality private jet services– we have charters all throughout the United States to take you anywhere in the world. is an affordable private jet charter and is committed to offering the best quality of service to businesses, enterprises, and frequent flyers, all over the world. For more information on jet card, call for free private jet quote.

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