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The Cessna Citation X+ jet, currently the fastest commercial jet, comes in for landing.

How Fast Do Private Jets Fly?

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When time is of the essence, no traveler is willing to wait in never-ending security lines at the airport or, worse, wind up delayed due to uncontrollable snags in the day’s flight schedule.  Fortunately, private jets enable passengers to board and deplane...
Private Jet Center (PJC) in partnership with announces the purchase of new Cessna Citation XLS Gen2 aircraft

Private Jet Center (PJC) in Partnership with Announces Purchase of New Citation XLS Gen2 Aircraft

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Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY (May 30, 2024):  Private Jet Center (PJC), a Pittsburgh based aircraft management company, in conjunction with its strategic partner, a leading global private aviation company, is proud to announce a purchase agreement for two new Cessna...

Jet Cards vs. Fractional Ownership vs. Charter Trips

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Curious about the different options available for private air travel? In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between jet cards, fractional ownership, and charter trips. Each of these options offers a unique approach to private air travel, tailored to meet diverse travel...

Guide to Flying on a Private Jet Internationally (FAQs)

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Curious about international private jet travel? is here to help. Embark on a flight beyond borders with our latest blog, exploring the realm of international travel on private jets. This blog covers everything you need to know, from choosing the right aircraft, to...

Making a Difference:’s 10th Organ Transport Flight a Success

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At, we’re proud to share the heartwarming success story of a recent organ transport flight—a testament to our commitment to excellence and making a difference in people’s lives. Earlier this week, we achieved a significant milestone by completing our...