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Cabo San Lucas Private Jet Charter

Cabo San Lucas is a breathtaking fusion of scenic landscapes, golden beaches, and luxury resorts. For the discerning traveler, a Cabo private jet rental is the perfect gateway into this Mexican paradise, blending convenience, comfort, and luxury travel perfectly.

Your customized Mexican journey begins with our private jet charter rental, offering an elevated and seamless travel experience from takeoff to tropical touchdown.

Ready to make your journey unforgettable with a private jet to Cabo? Reach out to us today to start exploring your personalized travel options.

Private Jet Airports in Cabo San Lucas

For those embarking on a journey via a luxurious private jet to Cabo, two main airports lie at the heart of the stunning landscapes of Cabo San Lucas, fully equipped to cater to your private jet aviation services.

Los Cabos International Airport (MMSD):
Cabo San Lucas’ primary international airport is located about 30 minutes from Los Cabos. With its advanced amenities and ease of access, it is the main gateway welcoming private jet travelers into the region.

Cabo San Lucas International Airport (MMSL):
A quieter alternative lies closer to Cabo San Lucas. This airport may be smaller, but it offers just as exemplary a service for private jet arrivals and departures, providing a welcoming start or end to your luxurious stay.

These airports provide the perfect starting point for your lavish Cabo getaway.

Popular Private Jet Charter Routes to Cabo

Flying a private jet to Cabo San Lucas is a seamless blend of luxury and convenience. With several popular charter routes, the journey to this stunning destination is as memorable as the stay.

  • Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas: This journey typically takes a few hours, making it perfect for a quick weekend escapade or a more extended stay. The cost for this route varies, so please contact us for a custom quotation.
    • Cost: Starting at $15,000
  • San Diego to Cabo San Lucas: A shorter but no less breathtaking journey that usually takes a couple of hours. Again, the cost can vary depending on various factors, so connect with one of our Private Aviation Executives for a custom quotation.
    • Cost: Starting at $12,000
  • Scottsdale to Cabo San Lucas: Flying from the desert landscape of Scottsdale to the sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas is a journey of stark contrasts. To determine this leg’s exact cost, contact our team for an obligation-free, personalized quote.
    • Cost: Starting at $15,000
  • New York City to Cabo San Lucas: For those looking to trade the urban jungle of New York City for the tranquil ambiance of Cabo San Lucas, this coast-to-coast route is the most popular. Accurate pricing is available from our expert team for a tailored quote.
    • Cost: Starting at $30,000

All quotations are personalized based on the type of aircraft chosen, departure times, and other specific requirements and preferences.

How Much Can You Expect to Spend on a Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas?

Venturing to Cabo San Lucas via a private jet charter entails varying prices due to unique factors. Remember, these figures are approximate, and for a precise quote tailored for your private jet travel to Cabo, our team is always prepared and pleased to assist you.

Please note that the following prices are estimates and may vary based on aircraft type, availability, and additional services. We encourage visitors to contact for personalized quotes and more information.

Cabo Private Jet Cost by Estimated Hourly Rates

Aircraft TypeAircraft ExamplePassengersHourly Rates Starting At..
Light JetCitation CJ36-7$6,000
Mid-Size JetCitation XLS7-8$7,500
Super Mid-Size JetChallenger 3008-9$8,500
Heavy JetGulfstream V10-16$9,500

Private Jets Available for Rent in Cabo San Lucas

A range of jets are available, including:

  • Cessna Citation series:  Includes models like the Citation XLS, Citation Sovereign, and Citation Latitude. They are known for their versatility, efficiency, and comfort.
  • Gulfstream GIV and GV series: Gulfstream jets are renowned for their long-range capabilities, luxury interiors, and advanced technology. Models like the Gulfstream GIV and Gulfstream G550 are often sought after for international travel.
  • Bombardier Challenger series: The Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 are popular midsize private jets known for their spacious cabins and long-range capabilities. The larger Challenger 600 series, including the Challenger 605 and 650, are also frequently chartered for their comfort and range.
  • Embraer Phenom and Legacy series: Embraer’s Phenom and Legacy jets offer a range of options for charter, with modern amenities and competitive operating costs.
  • Hawker series: The Hawker family of jets, such as the Hawker 800 and Hawker 900XP, are popular midsize options with a reputation for reliability and comfort.
  • Dassault Falcon series: Dassault’s Falcon jets, including the Falcon 2000 and Falcon 7X, are known for their luxurious cabins, advanced technology, and transcontinental range.
  • Learjet series: Learjet 45 and Learjet 60 are well-regarded for speed and efficiency, making them popular choices for shorter trips.

Charter a Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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