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Thank you for your inquiry regarding our 25 hour jet card. You will be contacted shortly by a private aviation specialist who will answer any questions regarding this promotion. If you need to speak with someone right away. Call us at 877-534-6691. Our team is available 24/7.


As you can see our program is brought to you at fixed hourly rates with absolutely no additional costs (no fuel surcharges, dead head charges, additional overnights, repositioning or taxi-time). An all-inclusive price that truly is all-inclusive.

Light Jet
(Citation CJ3, Hawker400XP)
All-in Per Hour
All-in 25 Hours
Midsize Jet
(Citation Excel, Hawker900XP)
All-in Per Hour
All-in 25 Hours
Super Mid Jet
(Citation, Falcon, Challenger)
All-in Per Hour
All-in 25 Hours
Heavy Jet
(Gulfstream, Falcon, Challenger)
All-in Per Hour
All-in 25 Hours


  • What is a Jet Card?

    A Jet Card is a prepaid card, bought in 25-hour increments, that is redeemed to book a flight on one of our private aircrafts with as little as 24-hour notice. It’s a simplified and cost-effective way to experience our safe and luxurious private travel!
  • Do you charge a separate adjustable fuel surcharge?

    Absolutely not, we ensure our program is all inclusive with no hidden or changing costs.
  • Am I charged for repositioning, taxi, waiting or any other charges?

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade without penalties?

  • Is it a use it or lose it proposition with jet card hours?

  • Can I utilize more than one aircraft at the same time?

  • Does the card holder have to be on board the aircraft?

  • How much notice do you require to book an aircraft?

  • Are there any additional fees with your program?


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