Private Jet Company: Midsize Jets

Midsize jet rentals offer the best of both long range travel and ample room for work or entertainment. offers various private charter options.

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Lear Jet 60

The new Lear 60 is the newest model of the original Lear 55 line or aircraft. It was first delivered in 1993 and featured a longer fuselage and newer more powerful engines. The Lear 60 is recognizable by its low/straight … Continue reading

Lear Jet 55

The Lear 55 was first introduced in 1981 as a business jet with a standup widebody cabin. The Lear 55 is recognizable by its low/straight wing with winglets and its delta fins under the tail (C model and newer). The … Continue reading

Hawker 800/900XP

The Hawker 800/900XP is one of the most popular mid-size jets in the skies today. With business and pleasure at mind, Raytheon built this aircraft with one of the largest cabin sizes in its class; as much as 40% larger … Continue reading

Hawker 700

The Hawker 700 is a descendant of the HS-125 which was originally developed by De Havilland. The 700 has updated turbofan engines, which significantly increased its performance and fuel economy and was first flown in 1976. It is recognizable by … Continue reading

Citation Excel

The Citation Excel is part of the very successful Cessna Citation line and is a direct modification of the Citation V. The Citation excel combines the wing of the Citation Ultra with the short fuselage of the Citation X. The … Continue reading