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On February 15, 2015, The New York Times published an incredibly eye-catching article titled, “Steep Fees and First Class Prices, but Private Jets are Available to More.” The article explains in enticing detail how more and more travelers are taking advantage of reduced private jet charter rates thanks to empty legs.These deals are essentially offered to the rest of us when private jets are flying to and from a destination without any passengers on board.

While this available service is relatively new to the private jet travel industry, more and more private jet charters are jumping on this trendy new bandwagon that make thrilled travelers feel and look like a million bucks. As the NY Times article mentions, “The service is one of a host of new ventures that are seeking to upend the private market by capitalizing on advancing technology and rising dissatisfaction with commercial airlines.”

He makes a solid point there, and it should be noted. While flying commercial is more forgiving on your pocketbook, flying private is the ultimate luxury experience. Not only will you be thrilled by top of the line amenities that executive jet rental companies like offer, private flying will let you bypass the dreaded airport pat downs, security line wait and an annoyingly lengthy game of killing time at the terminal before your plane arrives.

When you choose the private route, you can reap the benefits of being able to park your car and be on the lavish jet, all within a measly ten minutes! Not only that, but a private jet charter will enable you much easier access to a wide range of locales. That’s right! So, if you really wanted to visit a hard to reach spot like Aspen or Santa Barbara that commuter jets cannot reach as easily, a luxury jet rental will get you there in the most stylish, comfortable and easy manner imaginable.

Turn to a company like that will provide you with the most competitive rates and most flexible booking options. You can reap the benefits of a jet membership and fly frequently at a discounted rate, or you can fly one time to experience the luxury for yourself. For more information on receiving a, explore more of here, or dial them directly at 877-534-6691 to get started on your booking today.

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