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The Private Jetsetter’s Guide to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank

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L-A-X: That three letter acronym should send a chill down the spine of anyone who frequently travels in or out of Los Angeles. Its fright factor is only second to the infamous Los Angeles “405”. You could have been flying down that dreaded freeway at noon when, if there was a God, there should have been no traffic at all whatsoever. Well, that day he took a vacation and against all that is good in the world, you are crawling from a smooth 5 mph to a frequent and complete stop.

Unfortunately, the trouble doesn’t stop there for Los Angeleno travelers, but there is a solution! recommends the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank for a quick, easy and stress-free travel experience to accompany your private charter jet experience!


  1. Security lines at LAX can be (and most often, are) abhorrently protracted.  If the absurd wait wasn’t enough to make you irate, the invasive practices of the TSA are enough to send anyone over the edge. Never put yourself or your family through the intrusion and discomfort of LAX again! When you charter a private jet, not only can you keep your shoes on, but you can bring that bottle of wine with you on board! No X-rays, no pat downs, no stress!
  2. Remember that terrible traffic to and from LAX? Forget about it! Burbank is free and clear of “405 the Terrible”. No more fear of missing your flight or ridiculous last minute gate changes that leave you sprinting through the terminal. Forget something at home? When you get a jet rental, the plane waits for you! Commuting anxiety is a thing of the past.
  3. Not only is getting to the airport a hassle, but it can be expensive too. Cab fare isn’t cheap, and outrageous parking fees for a marginally safe spot and a dirty shuttle ride are about all you can expect. Why put up with it? When you charter jet service, your parking is safe, accessible and free. LAX is adjacent to Inglewood, which is not known to be the safest of Los Angeles neighborhoods. Burbank’s crime rate is nearly non-existent. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be in the same shape that you left it in.

How many hours do you spend travelling a year? knows that the little things matter when it comes to making travel memories special. Let them guide you past the chaos of commuting and onto your serene expedition through the clouds, where you can think about your destination, and not need to so long to decompress from the stress of getting there.

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